Renaud - Près des auto-tamponneuses (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Near The Bumper Cars

I knew Pépette
At the bumper cars
She, she had number seven
And I had number twelve
Hers was green
And mine was green (too)
She was good, the Pépette
And it was her job (she was good!)
I asked her "Do you come often
To the bumper cars?"
She told me that she came often
That made her happy
She asked me "But why
Are you asking me that?"
I responded "But why
Are you asking me that?"
We went to drink a beer
Near bumper cars
She looked very happy
In her yellow dress
She was not really that boring
She was not awful at all
I had vicious ideas
Under my yellow hair
I offered to Pépette
A bumper car ride
She, she kept the seven
I took over the eleventh
The boss of the bumper cars
Who was very kind
He put on background music
He put us Johnny
While my idol was singing
The entire penis gates
The little cars were spinning, spinning and spinning
And I was doing it on purpose
To hit into Pépette
Same as a shot, without doing it on purpose
She sprained her head
We went to drink a beer
Near bumper cars
She looked a lot less happy
In his ugly dress
She looked less in love
She said to me thoughtfully
I have to go to my landlady
What a disaster
I left the Pépette
Near the auto-buffers
I asked him but Pépette
Is that your real name
She told me "Are you stupid"
It's my nickname, poor idiot
My real name is Zezette
But it's a bit long
We ate together
A chocolate ice cream
She, she took raspberry
And I did not eat anything
I wanted an ice cream made of meat
Yes but there were none left
Not even one of minced meat
But it flows along the cornet
We went to drink a beer
Near bumper cars
I found her suddenly hideous
Her dress with moth holes
I told her "You know little pisser
I prefer bumper cars"
You are not luxurious enough
But tell me, what time is it
Lalala Lalala Lala ... What time is it
Lalala Lalala Lala ... What time is it
Lalala Lalala Lala ... What a bitch ...
Lalala Lalala lala ...
[Fun fair animator]
And let's go fans of speed, roll-roll little cars, we laugh we have fun at Disneyland!
No. 112 wins an inflatable E.T. or VCR ... Cardboard
Little Delphine is waiting for her mom next to the merguez stand
Attention, the owner of the 504 Pigeot registered 4012 QQ 75 is asked to move it, it hinders the coach of the Communist Party
And it's still a soldier who wins a net garnished with a bazooka in it!
Let's go youth, we laugh we have fun ...
The person who lost a leather wallet is asked to report it
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Commenti dell’autore:

Elle est bonne=Easy/prostitute. this term was still new when this song was released.

Johnny=Johnny Hallyday (Famous french singer)

le pénitencier (song by Johnny hallyday)=Play on words


Près des auto-tamponneuses

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