Shy'm - Prendre l'air (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Getting some fresh air

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Oh those eyes eating me alive
Seething with rage!
[Your] anger is tangible
Slippery is the slope
Oh this finger pointing at me!
When nothing’s right any more
We both know how it’ll end
But which one of us
Will make the first move?
Sometimes I’m scared of us
When we get this low
When a trifle triggers explosions
‘Me’, ‘myself’ numero uno
We don’t let go, never let go
There’s like sparks
In the sky tonight
I can feel the earth quaking
Apocalypse is for tonight
We seem to be in for a war, in for a war
We should take the time to calm down
Take the time to get some fresh air
Get some fresh air
Get some fresh air, air, air, air, air…
Oh those words coming back to me!
In those encounters
Who will be the meanest?
Who will be the craziest?
Oh those veins swelling up
To spit venom
Even though we know it leads nowhere!
But which one of us
Will make the first move? Etc.
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Prendre l'air

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