Presul vere civitatis (traduzione in Inglese)


Presul vere civitatis

O presul vere civitatis,
qui in templo angularis lapidis
ascendens in celum,
in terra prostratus fuisti
propter Deum.
Tu, peregrinus a semine mundi,
desiderasti exul fieri
propter amorem Christi.
O mons clause mentis,
tu assidue pulcram faciem aperuisti
in speculo columbe.
Tu in absconso latuisti
inebriatus odore florum,
per cancellos sanctorum
emicans Deo.
O culmen in clavibus celi,
quod propter perspicuam vitam
mundum vendidisti:
hoc certamen, alme confessor,
semper habes in Domino.
In tua enim mente
fons vivus clarissima luce
purissimos rivulos eduxit
per viam salutis.
Tu magna turris
ante altare summi Dei,
et huius turris culmen obumbrasti
per fumum aromatum.
O Disibode,
in tuo lumine
per exempla puri soni
membra mirifice laudis edificasti
in duabus partibus
per Filium hominis.
In alto stas,
non erubescens ante Deum vivum,
et protegis viridi rore
laudantes Deum ista voce.
O dulcis vita
et o beata perseverantia
que in hoc beato Disibodo gloriosissimum
semper edificasti
in celesti Ierusalem.
Nunc sit laus Deo
et in forma pulcre tonsure
viriliter operante.
Et superni cives gaudeant
de his qui eos
hoc modo imitantur.
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Bishop of the true city

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Bishop of the true city,
who, mounting heavenward on the temple
of the cornerstone,
were laid low on earth
for the sake of God.
You, an alien from the race of this world,
longed to become an exile
for the love of Christ.
Mountain of the mind enclosed,
you continually revealed your beauty’s aspect
in the mirror of the dove.
In the secret place you hid,
drunk with the scent of flowers,
through the trellis of the saints
glinting towards God.
Summit among heaven’s keystones,
that for transparency of life
sold the world,
this contest, gracious confessor,
is with you forever in the Lord.
For in your mind
the living spring with its most radiant light
brought forth the purest rivulets
on the path of salvation.
You are a great tower
before the altar of the highest God,
and to the summit of this tower you gave shade
with the smoke of fragrances.
O Disibod,
in your brightness,
through images of pure sound,
wondrously, you built the limbs of praise,
two-part music,
through the Son of Man.
You stand on high,
not blushing before the living God,
and with green dew you protect
those praising God with this song:
“O gentle life
and blessed perseverance,
which in this blessed Disibod always built
the most glorious brightness
in the heavenly Jerusalem.
Now praise be to God,
and in the form of that priestly beauty,
as he toils manfully.
Let heaven’s citizens rejoice
because of those who imitate them
in this way!
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Sequence to St. Disibod.
O presul vere civitatis celebrates Saint Disibod, the patron of the monastery where Hildegard was raised. She composed this sequence in response to Abbot Cuno of Disibodenberg who wrote to her asking for a copy of anything ‘that God reveals to you about our patron’. She certainly sent him this poem; we do not know whether it was accompanied by the music. Hildegard evokes the itinerant hermit’s life that brought Disibod to the place later to be the site of the monastery, and emphasizes his founder’s role through a stream of architectural, cloistral imagery. The ‘finial-stone’ which introduces this imagery is, of course, Christ (see, for example, Matthew 21: 42).

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