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May Day

Popular uprising failed to begin today again
Everybody's going to the trade union May Day picnic
Proletarians striding to their destination as one
Nostrils are tickled by the smell of barbecue
In the brook a couple of beer crates are cooling
Plum brandy is being sipped out of bottles
No one's there to carry workers' slogans today
And nobody will be singing Bandiera Rossa
Nobody's wishing for teargas and truncheons
Why spoil the party with politics
Tequila Sunrise, instead of Molotovs
A cordon of cops is joining the folk dance
The whole of ex-Yugoslavia is rising
We will be nobody's slaves
Fearlessly partying, comrade with comrade
We're bravely munching and drinking in unity
Pour us some brandy and raise your glass to the end
Redundant workers are celebrating May Day
Here we part our ways, fair well, goodbye
We're going bankrupt, happy May Day
Today isn't the Olympics
Today isn't the Gay Parade
I'm sure it's not the Scrambled Eggs Day*
Today is the holiday, the International Workers' Day
Workers' song is echoing loudly
A song that celebrates a work-free day
Sun shades, finger food, the brook is burbling
Why spoil the perfect plan?
Nobody cares for class struggle either
In the pot veal stew is simmering
Who cares about revolution and the Commune of Paris
Here's ten ćevapčići in half a bun
When the barbecues burn out and the singers shut up
When blankets and deck chairs disappear from the meadow
You'll lie tired in your bed
And dream of deserved workers' paradise
Before that dream, promise yourself
Only fools go bankrupt
The dole is the beginning and retirement is the end
The working class is going to heaven
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Čimburijada - A spring festival in parts of Bosnia that involves eating scrambled eggs.


Prvi Maj

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