Luan Santana - Quando chega a noite (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

When the night comes

When the night comes,
The coldness of longing strikes me,
I cry, missing you.
When the night comes,
I stand looking at the sky
And talking to the moon,
I ask her what I have to do [1]
To regain your love and stop my suffering
I ask her where to find you
And what to do with my life to make you come back
I do any madness, I'll travel, I'll go to the moon
If it's needed, I will run
Around the world
On the wings of an airplane
On the tail of a comet
I can do anything to save myself
From loneliness and have you once again
In my heart
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"Lua" in Portuguese is feminine, this justifies the use of "her" in this paragraph.

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Quando chega a noite

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