Mariska - Rajaton (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

No boundaries

Has anyone told you that you have to keep your feet on the ground?
Or have you ever heard that a person needs boundaries?
I have. And I'm sick and tired of it. Luckily there was one person who said something totally different:
You can do it, just believe in yourself
If you have the will, you will find the way, just raise your head up
Hold on to your dreams and don't give up
If you don't give your everything you won't succeed
Nothing is free in this world, everything has it's price
Be prepared to face what you fear the most
At first it hurts
Second, third, fourth time, little by little you will get used to it
Do your thing, don't compare yourself to others
Stay on your own road, let the people whine
what they want, remember who are you living for
For yourself or for the ones who turn their backs
You are stronger than you know, you can stand the pain
more than you even know, and nothing else can stop you
but yourself, a little patience
You won't ever take a hit without a reason
A lot of people said, remember that you have boundaries like everyone else has
One person said, you're free, this world has no boundaries
Check your motives, are they fake?
If they are you're just wasting your time when you're playing
When you're submissive you will achieve great things
Shortcuts won't help you win
You can't give up even if you fail
The life doesn't always follow your plan
Remember: you have the chance, sky as your roof
like the guy said who made his way to the stars
Others can't tell you where your boundaries are
Fences are only bluff, the world has no boundaries
Don't lie to yourself, listen to your heart
and you won't run a tail between your legs
You will get everything you need, it's important to be thankful
Share from your own and there's still enough for you
And when your dream comes true, just keep on working
Like you once had it, you can once lose it
Life is a challenge, an awesome opportunity
You decide what your future will be like
Do you have the courage to see how far you can fly
with your wings or are you going to
let the opportunity to go? Hold on to them
You have nothing to lose, expect if you give up
You will think the rest of your life; what if...?
But it's no use
There's a whole world in front of you, and on your feet there's gutter
Before you choose, remember; there's no boundaries
Only the moment when you die, you can't escape that
But still don't let others brainwash you
When you're honest you're beautiful, a perfect case
Use all the freedom you have
Don't be afraid
Dream and believe; your dreams can come true
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znark    Ven, 31/03/2017 - 00:42

Original line:
kun sun asenne on nöyrä, suuria tavoitat

This translation:
When you're submissive you will achieve great things

Maybe you’d want to use humble, instead. A direct translation of the original would be “When your attitude is humble, you’ll (be able to) achieve great things.” Here, I think the meaning of the word nöyrä is meant to be understood as being closer to “non-arrogant” or “unassuming and respectful” (not positioning yourself above others when dealing with them and acknowledging the possibility you just may not have all the answers to yourself but can learn something from the others as well) rather than “submissive” or “subservient”.