Ranma 1/2 (OST) - Ranma 1/2 Opening (english) Don't Make Me Wild Like You

  • Artista: Ranma 1/2 (OST) ( らんま 1/2)

Ranma 1/2 Opening (english) Don't Make Me Wild Like You

Yappa paa, yappa paa-don't know what to do
My heart is not a game-it's mah-jongg to you.
Yappa paa, yappa paa-feel like a shrew
Who needs boys? Don't you dare -
Make me wild like you.
Before you, boys got on their knees
Ranma, Ranma-it's me you always tease.
Since the day I ran into you
Ranma, Ranma you -
Stole my heart and you -
Don't you dare go and -
Make me wild like you.
Somebody tell me why it's so hard
To say those three words, "I love you"?
If I let myself give in to you
I'll become just as -
Wild as you!
Before you come in like a breeze
Won't you stop and ring the bell, please?
Before you make my heart a home
Why not tell me you love me on my own?
I'd be better off without you -
But just tonight it's alright...
Until tomorrow, all right.
Every time your eyes turn to me
Ranma, Ranma you -
Make me feel dizzy.
Someday we may be more than "friends"
Ranma, Ranma you've -
Gone and done it true -
Can't you see that you've -
Made me wild like you.
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