Xavier Naidoo - Raus aus dem Reichstag (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Get Out Of The Reichstag*

I do not want to be offensive again
But it is devastating, there is not a bit of decency left
Germany is a land with honour
A land with failings, with serious ones
But still I have to revolt now
I am in the mood to fight you now
In school you were the wallflowers
The geeks, the psychos, the milksops
And then off into politics
Of course you harbour resentment against the people
Chorus (2x):
You have aggravated everything
And to punish you I name you now
If you don't like it
Have your driver chauffeur you to Mannheim**
I will make your blood curdle, no, I will drink it
Because I make a real good Vampirhana
And you may wish for my death like for your daily bread
But our feud has just begun and I will make trouble for you
Your new lackeys use old methods
Where are the Springers of the BILD-newspaper, you have such small [***] (implied by rhyme: balls)
What is Angela Merkel doing at Elfriede Springers place?
I swear to you, they are conspiring concerning the election
You say noone could foresee the crisis
If you are really serious about this, you have to go
What did we pay you for, you betray us, you fail at your job
Chorus (2x)
Schreiber is coming back and selling your butts, and rightly so
After all he paid for it, and I think not half bad
Now you want to deal with everything after the elections
And keep telling us "democracy is fair"
Everything after the elections, because you are scared shitless
Leisler Kiep, Kanther, Kohl, all corrupt to the core
The BASF want their Leuna back
They sell the reunion as "the people are the winners"
Sons of [***] all of you and [***] racists
I beg of you, put me on top of death lists
Does Miss Koch love the Dalai Lama because of the old fashists
What is it?
Chorus (2x)
You have aggravated everything
And to punish you I name you now
A citizen of Mannheim is accusing you
You did way too much damange to Germany already
Welcome to Angela Merkels corrupt CDU
Kohls government was bribable, naturally, just like you
Schreiber will break your backs and we will watch
I can not see anything Christian in what you do
The C has to go from CDU***
Just DU (you) remain, and out you go
So get going, out you go
And now you will be merely watching
Like the guys from the Heartlessbank****, gambling with our dough
You've been really really bad, standing there with egg on your face
Baron Totschild calls the shots and he doesn't give a shit about you losers
That shmuck is a fox and you are nothing but fools
Even dumber than Bernanke, Trichet and King
German bankers, our blemish, they are up to no good
Want to squeeze every last penny out of Germans
Do those who lost their money deserve no better
I lump you all together, you do the same to us
You don't give any credit anymore anyway, not to Peter, Paul or Mary
And to us least of all, since what we do is art
Still I believe we never wasted as much paper as you did
You are notoriously wasting the taxpayer's money
Huge boasters, disgusting dazzlers
Almost as nauseating as your cousins, the bad managers
Obscure like greedy bankers
But to me still worst of all remains [***]
Apply for a position in the land beyond the British channel
Damn it, I will say it again
Leave the parliament halls this instant!
Get out of the Reichstag
And if I have to sue you out
You are supposed to economise and shut the hell up
But wouldn't you prattle on like this
People might think you lazy
Get out of the Reichstag... (repeated 3 x)
*The Reichstag houses the German parliament
**Mannheim is the home town of the singer
***CDU - Christian Democratic Union
**** German "Keinherzbank" - pun, sounds like Commerzbank
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Raus aus dem Reichstag

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