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Lucifer Fell

Let me tell you a story about a man
wicked with women
Entered a room
- heads turned, hearts burned,
all in pursuit of indomitable prey
He was as dark and beautiful as an angel,
and angels must be obeyed
Lounging saturnine in a prima lounge,
choosing among his slaves -
he was a king serene,
secure of admiration
But then she came...
She was really insignificant -
hair light and fine, flying wild
Green eyes that disappeared
when she smiled
It wasn’t arrogance
that made her a queen
But something indefinable,
undeniable, and free
Didn’t bother to stalk his prey
All she had to do was look his way
- but she didn’t
She was filling pages with patchouli dreams
Captured scenes of city exiles and citron trees
Everything a gypsy sees
Sometimes she bestowed a smile
on someone with an original line
But never met an intrusive look
without consternation
What she was looking for wasn’t here
And after awhile it was clear
- it wasn’t him, either
He stopped her on the way out the door
Wearing the smile he’d used so many times
She slipped a stick of clove from her jeans,
lit it, and smoked contemplatively
She was seeing Egyptian sand
She was seeing Vienna lights,
and a land she’d never seen
Then, no glance left or right,
passed out the red door into the night
Like she’d never been there...
That night he had a glimpse of hell -
what it’s like to love too well
And that night - Lucifer fell
Now his eyes ceaselessly scan the room
Every scene he’s invited to
Waiting for a brimstone spirit
to burn his soul again
But she never comes
True love never does
Lucifer fell...
Lucifer fell...
Commenti dell’autore:

1. Story is about love at first sight - of a slightly unusual kind.
2. References traditional legend about the fall and eternal exile of Lucifer.

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