Spoon - Rindu serindu rindunya (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

I Miss You Till Death (I miss you so much)

give me an answer
untie the knots
so that my heart can have a peace
after the old love passes
I won't forget
our promise
under the bambu tree
when the moon is sleeping
*why did the break up happen
when love is spreading its wings
why did you go at this moment
when your name is written on my heart
if really we are not meant to be
what else do I wanna speak of
I'm embarrassed of my friends
of all
I miss you so much
but you doesn't understand
hurt.. so hurt
but what to do
the other one doesn't welcome it
I want.. so much
but what to do
the other one is already hating
give me an answer
untie the knot
so that I'll have some peace
I'm embarrassed
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Rindu serindu rindunya

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