Roam around

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Traduzioni idiomatiche di “Roam around”

knock/bob/drift/float around/about

Meanings of "Roam around"


To walk without destination.

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Ходить без какой-либо цели

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Doslovno "Lutati unaokolo"

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“Roam around” nei testi

Diljit Dosanjh - Lamborghini

You roam around in Lamborghini
And I just can't tolerate your female friends

I am devastated just like cotton is made

Kailash Kher - Teri Deewani

i have no idea of my body or mind
all the world knows this
i roam around helpless with noway out
i have lost my heart

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local - lost my love

it is all a game of luck
i used to roam around aimlessly
what became of what should have become(what became of what)

Monali Thakur - Cham Cham Cham

I’m like the wind,
I can’t be caught
I fly/roam around
according to my own wishes

Anuradha Paudwal - I said your name

Did you meet my dad?
No no no
Did you roam around with me?
no never

Li Jian - By the Lake Baikal

Moonlight let love shine on the surface of the lake
Two people's campfire illuminate the whole night
How many years later, it will roam around like the clouds
The changing footsteps make us hard to hold hands

Cengiz Özkan - my love comes

When I see her face I lose my speech, I turn into a mute 

The ones who fall in love go mad, they just roam around meaninglessly 

Fairuz - These were the days

singing and making the girl next door sad,
“Don’t ever forget me and remember drunken John”,
A bunch of us and a bunch of birds would roam around the street,
towards the shop we flew carrying batches of flowers,

Chinmayi Sripada - Inside your heart

Five to six kids, all of them having your face resemblance
Likewise to give birth without fear, who else is there apart from me?
Whole area fixing their eyes on me, I will roam around with you
and will live like a queen showing off

Yo Yo Honey Singh - High Heels

Guys roam around me all round the clock (24 hours)
Around me, around me

Sathya Prakash - A hundred times

I saw feathers in my rib bones
I came to roam around with you
I stood up, I fell, I melted

Eivør - Dance, wind.

when winter and cold give a new vigor
Wind; yes, dance, wind!
roam around on a cold Christmas night.

Sonu Nigam - We'll Meet Again, Someday

Oh beautiful, with flaxen hair<fn>lit. With long hair</fn>, You're my love.
Wether people will call me wild, I don't care.
As you roam around from heart to heart,
You make my heart apart, apart<fn>lit. My heart says Yahoo!</fn>

Kazem Al-Saher - i hate her

an eye like the wolf's eye, deceptive
the passion's lies roam around her
madness has resided in her eyes

Aria - Take my heart

A blind night lied at my feet
And doesn't let me in.
I roam around my home dreamily
But I can't find the rest.

propheC - Taur

in the city you have a damn limelight and there is no doubt about your status (high profile) but I need you girl, of course there are millions of boys for you I wanted to have friendship with you but you don't even look at me you drive vehicle such as Ferrari but you looked good on bullet (a motorbike indian origin) repeat in the city.....millions for you. million million boys no doubt no doubt your hair flow with the wind when you drive fast you play my song with a loud beat and tell the whole city tell the city tell the city repeat your hair.... tell the whole city. all your lovers are.only for your hobby your lovers take every breath loudly and make a line for the the turn in the middle of the road repeat in the city.... ..millions of boys god has given you so beautiful face and equally beautiful heart what more is missing my life lovers and brands roam around you what actually is missing from you is a true soulmate your two eyes rob my heart but the shades cover your ecstasy eyes I am dying for you but you don't give a damn about that your demands and abstracts are represented eveeyday to me from where should I get the Ferrari from where should I get the brand I don't have any attitude related to the status and my feet will always be grounded (down to earth) repeat in the city....... ...millions of boys for you I wanted friendship with you but you don't even look at me you drive Ferrari but you look good on bullet (a motorbike of indian origin) in the city you have damn limelight but I need you girl

TryHardNinja - Judgement

Underground with open arms you knew
How fragile their souls were to your abuse
I let you roam around care free
They're not your enemies

Mylène Farmer - Libertine

Splitting the moon, kisses of thorn and of feather
cradled by a little wind, I roam around.
Life is sad like a glass of grenadine,

Thanos Tzanis - Sinner

Was left alone again

You roam around like a sinner,
In the night

Shalmali Kholgade - Aladdin

you don't say anything
but my eyes are following you
i want to roam around whole day
and want to call out your name