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Testo delle canzoni: 76

  • Artista: Roc Marciano (Rahkeim Calief Meyer)
  • Album: Reloaded (2012)


[Verse 1]
Quadraports slide off through a time warp
Been getting money before dinosaur
Diamonds is on, llamas is worn
Write rhymes on island resorts
Dimes who snort
Some guys who slide a line inside a Newport
Push a fly two door like Too $hort
I'm just an artist with a tec
Hard as a baguette
Carve a nigga head, you a meat ball, get squeezed on
Your physical being turned to cream corn
Slice a quarter for the order
Supporter, roll dice on the corner
Gats tucked, big cash to touch them at the cusp
Couple of hundred racks on the rug
Young don, son's under the arm
He treats Lamborghinis like bumper cars
Got scars, chains around the neck like scarves
Your limbs hang out of thread like yarn
I'm the next big thing
Chickenheads cling, the bedspring king
Run the ring, my head is on top of the pyramid
Pictures of me and all my affiliates
We lit phillies like idiots
Kill the lineage, let them know what it really is
Niggas is penniless with skinny ribs
I fire semis at too many wigs
I feel like Billy the Kid, skinny Big
You literally live as a guinea pig
If the Timbs ain't on deck you know the Pennys is
Your finger still penny pimps
You make me pull the Mac Milly out the Fendi trench
In any event, hold the 12 gauge that's heavy as shit
For every clip we let steadily rip
Push your afro back to '76 motherfucker
Hold up, any good year baby
Those some great years baby
'75, 76 know what I'm saying
'77 and into the 80's I9m saying word
Seen a lot nigga, word up
[Verse 2]
Huh, niggas is petty, legendary
All of my enemies, dead and buried
I let 20 hit your strawberry Pelle
Burn holes in your belly like Henny
Bet he turn up dead like Freddie
For owing niggas fetty, get cut with a machete
Lift you up prick with the dezzy
Smuggle drugs stuffed in the teddy
Your bitch get fucked, missionary
Visionary, I bust shots out the tinted M, daddy
Ghetto poet, fourth and the rodent looked bloated
You shouldn't have gloated, I unload it
I was molded to stand up whenever niggas folded
Your spirit out your body just floated
Word to my son, I murder a bum
Turn the thumb, until it swell up like plumb
Your future look glum, heard I feel none I'm numb
With guns bang on you like a steel drum
Spill blood, plus sweat
Before I lift the iron up, stretch
Clutch the tek, bust till you wet, heads rubber neck
Like damn what a fucking mess
Who wan come test the unimpressed, make you undress
To eat food like I'm underfed
Dump with the feds like I'm on a dead with' one in the head
Don't let it be left unsaid
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