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Russian National Anthem (1816-1833) - Молитва русских [Полная версия] (traduzione in Inglese)

Russian National Anthem (1816-1833) - Молитва русских [Полная версия]

Боже, Царя храни!
Славному долги дни
Дай на земли!
Гордыхъ смирителю,
Слабыхъ хранителю,
Всѣхъ утѣшителю—
Всё ниспошли!
Русь Православную
Боже, храни!
Царство ей стройное,
Въ силѣ спокойное!
Всё-жъ недостойное
Прочь отжени!
Воинство бранное,
Славой избранное,
Боже, храни!
Воинамъ мстителямъ,
Чести спасителямъ,
Долгіе дни!
Мирныхъ воителей
Правды блюстителей
Боже, храни!
Жизнь ихъ примѣрную
Доблестямъ вѣрную
Ты помяни!
О, Провидѣніе!
Намъ ниспошли!
Къ благу стремленіе,
Въ счастьѣ смиреніе,
Въ скорби терпѣніе
Дай на земли!
Будь намъ заступникомъ,
Вѣрнымъ сопутникомъ
Насъ провожай!
Жизнь поднебесная,
Сердцу извѣстная,
сердцу сіяй!
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Note: this uses pre-1917 orthography because the song was replaced before 1917.

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The Prayer of the Russians [Complete Version]

God, save the Tsar!
To the glorious one, long days
Give on this earth!
To the subduer of the proud,
To the keeper of the weak
To the comforter of everyone,
Grant everything!
The land of the first throne,
Orthodox Russia,
God, do save!
A harmonious reign for her,
Calm in strength;
And everything unworthy
Drive away!
The warriors' host,
Chosen by glory,
God, do save (them)!
Avengers of war,
Saviors of honor,
Keepers of the peace
(May they be granted) long days!
(For our) warriors of peace,
The guardians of truth,
God, do save (them)!
Their exemplary lives,
Unfeigned (lives),
(Lives) true to valour
May you remember!
O, Providence!
Grant to us!
Aspiration to good,
Humility in happiness,
Patience in sorrow
Give on this Earth!
Be our protector,
Our faithful companion,
See us off!
Bright and charming,
Life under skies,
Known to our hearts,
Shine in our hearts!
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