Peter Fox - Schwarz zu blau (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Black to Blue

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Come out of the club, it went well
Smell like booze, am broken, its a beautiful life
Climb over drunken bodies that lie in my way
I see the rats eat til they're full
in the shadows of the kebab shops
Stomp through the puke on "kotti" (street), junkies are dazed
corrosively rotting nearby, misbehaving
Snooty-nosed upstarts on the deperate search for the scene
Pierced girls want that I read "strassenfeger" (newspaper)
5:30, my eyes are burning
Step on a guy who's sleeping between dead pigeons
Hysterical brides nag and are paniked, because
on the corner there is stress between Tarek and Sam
Tarek says "shut the fuck up,
or I'll punch you in the face"
Sam is pissed off, but also can't not say anything
The red soup drips on the asphalt
I'm getting sick, I close my jacket because it's too cold
Good morning Berlin,
You can be so ugly, so dirty and gray,
You can be so beautifully appalling ,
Your nights eat me up
it would be the best for me
I'm going home and sleeping in
and while I'm walking through the streets
it slowly turns from black to blue
Tired figures in neon light,
with deep wrinkles on their faces,
The morning shift remains silent, everyone for himself
Frustration comes, because the bus never comes...
and everywhere there is shit, you actually have to hover
Everyone has a dog but not one to talk to
I constantly breathe through my mouth, that's a part of my life
I feel unhealthy, need something clean against it
I have a headache, I need an antidote
I have an urgent want for Bagdad's bakeware
There it is warm, there is where I have my dreams
with Fatima, the cute bakware saleswoman
Rnb ballads pump out of the parked benz
The streetgangs are done
A hooligan lays a woman in their arms and blubbers
This city is actually not as hardcore as you think
I am exhausted and rub your dirt out of my eyes
You aren't nice and you know that too
Your panorama is dirty,
It doesn't look pretty from afar
However the sun is rising,
and I don't know if I want or not,
that need you in order to breathe
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Schwarz zu blau

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Ginada    Sab, 16/10/2010 - 19:03

Straßenfeger is definitely not "newspaper" Wink smile