Sete cidades (traduzione in Inglese)

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Seven Cities

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I have gotten used to your voice
To your face and your gaze
They split me in two
And I now look for what’s my other half
When you are not here,
I miss myself
And I miss my body next to yours
My heart is so rough and so poor
It still doesn't know the ways of the world
When you are not here,
I am afraid of myself
And I miss your body next to mine
Come quickly to me
Because I don't know how to wait
We already made too many promises
And I have gotten used to your voice
When I’m with you I’m at peace
When you are not here
My spirit gets lost, it flies far away
Questa è una traduzione poetica. Ci possono essere degli scostamenti rispetto all'originale (parole in più, informazioni mancanti o aggiuntive, concetti modificati ecc.).
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Sete cidades

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