SickTanicK - God Is Dead (Suicide)


God Is Dead (Suicide)

God is dead
You find me, with a 12 gauge pump shotgun
to my motherfucking in grill
with a suicide note that says
"Don't mind the mess but clean up if you will",
in a Mayhem shirt, with steel toe boots
'cause know you I gotta keep it real
So many ways to die and such little time
I wanna smell the pinebox that I fill
I wanna drink a fifth of Jim Beam,
hop in the whip and drive head on in traffic
while I bump short story with a tragic ending
on the speakers by Autumn To Ashes
I crash it, head on into a mini van with a family in it
"Little Johnny won't make it to school tomorrow
because SickTanicK was up late sinning"
Either that or I'll smoke a bunch of keefe,
cut my wrists while reciting Friedrich Nietzsche,
run fully naked on down the streets
while I jerk off and at the same time I'll be drinking bleach
Then I'll lay down on train tracks,
wait for the slice and the final impact,
Take my head, I don't care about that,
just make sure my nutsack and dick are still intact
Put my death on tv
My dead body's smiling like "Yo! You see me!?"
Kill myself for no reason.
Then again it's suicide season
and every day there's a new way to die,
so if you wanna do it have fun and take your time,
when you put the gun to your head
just remember, remember that:
Suicide, it's a suicide [8x]
Suicide is fun, just try it
You want a razorblade? I'll buy it
Just remember to cut up and press hard,
you don't wanna end up in the ER
You wanna end up in a body bag,
a number in the system, another toe tag
Don't you wanna be another statistic?
Just do it, like Nike, and do it sadistic,
right next to your best friend or mother,
or your girlfriend under the covers
Pound herion into your veins,
then nod off forever and just drift away
Take a handful of loratabs
Then put a bag on your head, tie it tight and you'll be glad
You'll be joining me down in hell
but don't do it for me, though, do it for yourself
In the meantime I'll try new methods,
self surgery with no anasthetic
Don't be a pussy and don't act pathetic,
put my head on the block and I'll get beheaded
Go into the wrong 'hood and wear the wrong color
like "Yo guys, what's good"
Or drive me out to area 51
past the warning signs and watch me run
It always comes in mysterious ways,
so why wait, plan it out and kill yourself today
Do yourself the favor
If you believe in god then go an' meet your savior
Death in 31 flavors
Which one do you like, which one do you savor
And when you put that gun to your head
just remember, remember that
Suicide, it's a suicide [8x]
If you're feeling bullied - kill yourself
and if you'er sad or you're mad - kill yourself
and if you hate your dad - kill yourself
and if you're mad at this song then kill yourself
It's a joke on a serious matter
So why not laugh, it'll make you feel better
No doubt people gonna take it wrong
so they should kill themselves when they buy this song
Have a sense of humor
"It's not like I'm making fun of a guy with a brain tumor"
Fuck you for starting all those rumors
and I hope your ass dies just a little sooner
I can't help it, I'm sick and twisted
Tell me what's that make you for sittin' and listenin'
Kill yourself if you hate that line,
choke yourself with your mouse cord and take your time
I'm not phoney and I'm not real bashful
I'm the hamburgler, bitch, I'm a real McAsshole
Bet you never thought you'd hear me like this so
get back to the subject at hand, (what?) slit your wrist
Suicide, it's a suicide, kill yourself real slow
while I spit these lines
and like I said, please take your time
because I'm already dead, I got nothing but mine
I killed myself 'cause I killed these verses
I can spit nonsense and still give it a purpose
I like to change it up because they say I can't
so I prove them wrong every chance I get
I can pull off any style
Occult rap chose me and I'm taking the long route
so when I put this mic to head I remember, remember that
Suicide, it's a suicide [8x]
You’re thinking about killing yourself
Thinking about killing yourself
And what if they say yes, yes, yes?
Oh, you’re such a dope
That’s crazy, don’t be such a ___
making too much of this
God is dead!
Suicide, it's a suicide [8x]
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Commenti dell’autore:

These lyrics are taken from the label's Soundclick website. I just corrected a bunch of typos and mistakes, removed the censoring and improved the formatting. No guarantee that these lyrics are correct.
I also added the text of the samples, as far as I could understand it.

The looping snippet "God is dead" is taken from the song "God Is Dead?" by Black Sabbath, from their 2013 album "13".
The phrase "Suicide, it's a suicide" is a meme in rap:,_it%27s_a_suicide



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Guest    Ven, 10/01/2014 - 15:33

Here are some of the corrections to the lyrics that I caught with a quick listen.

Verse 1, line 1: “You’ll find me (also, remove comma)
Verse 1, line 2: I think he’s saying “To my motherfucking girl
Verse 1, line 4: “clean it up, if you will”
Verse 1, line 10: “hop in the whipper [I think this is slang for a car]
Verse 1, seven lines from bottom: “Yo, you see me?” (omit “Ya’ll)
Verse 1, eleven lines from the bottom: remove the extra “for”
Verse 1, second to last line: “put that gun to your head”

Verse 2, line 3: “cut it up”
Verse 2, line 5: “in the body bag”

Verse 3, line 1: “your” should be “You’re”
Verse 3, line 11: “all these rumors” should be “all those rumors”
Verse 3, line 13: typo: “I can’t help it” [Cant is a totally different word]
Verse 3, line 16: you have “with your mouse chord” – wrong word, should be: “with your mouse cord

final verse:
You’re thinking about killing yourself
Thinking about killing yourself
And what if they say yes, yes, yes?
Oh, you’re such a dope
That’s crazy, don’t be such a ___
You’re making too much of this
God is dead!

Sciera    Ven, 10/01/2014 - 16:03

Thanks for your comment!

To me it sounds more like "you" instead of "you'll", and it also says so in the official lyrics (those aren't very reliable, though).
The comma doesn't seem really wrong to me. I know it can also be omitted but if you consider "with..." as a kind of apposition then the comma isn't wrong.

"grill" -> "girl"? Are you sure? To me it sounds like "grill", it says so in the official lyrics, and it makes much more sense ("grill" is slang for "teeth", "mouth" or "face").

"clean it up, if you will" - I'm sure that he doesn't say any "it" here.

"hop in the whipper" - I'm certain that he says "whip", and "hop in the whip" is slang for "hop into a car"

"Yo, you see me?"
I think you're right about that, I'll correct it.

"for for" - thanks, I noticed it while translating but forgot to remove it later.

"cut it up" - Again I'm sure that there is no "it". And, as I understand it, "cut up" stresses that one should cut upwards, not in another direction. Not sure about that, though.

"in the body bag" - Here again it much more sounds like "a" to me.

Verse 3: Thanks. In the official lyrics every "can't" and every "you're" is spelt wrong so I missed a few when correcting.

"those" - I agree.

Thank you for transcribing that last part!
Just, are you sure that it's "yourself"? To me it sounds like "something".