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Ss'fina (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Ali Amrane (Ali Amran) Artista partecipante (featuring): IDIR
  • Canzone: Ss'fina Album: AKKI D'AMUR
  • Traduzioni: Francese, Inglese


Ger unebdu d nisan
Ay jebbden wussan
Yugi wul ad yesteɛfu
Ṛwiɣ tigad iseqqan
Xeṛben-iyi wuḍan
Ayen ay ixef-iw rfed asefru
Ay ixef-iw rfed asefru
Aḥlil win ihenna ul-is
Win ihenna ul-is
Yusat-id nadam yeṭṭes
Ma d nekk ul-iw yenɣa-yi
Allah yenɣa-yi
Tasa-w tɛebbed aḥliles
Uyseɣ win ɛzizen fell-i
Win ɛzizen fell-i
Ɛeṛqen iberdan ɣur-es
Aqli di lebḥar leɣmiq
Di lebḥar leɣmiq
Di sfina ur nesɛi abeḥri
Ḍeggṛen-iyi-d ɣer taflukt
Allah ɣer taflukt
Iselman zzin-iyi
Lmuǧa tḍeggeṛ i tayeḍ
Tḍeggeṛ i tayeḍ
Yemma taɛzizt ur teẓṛi
Ay at lebḥur
Ay at lebḥur
Ay at lebḥur
Wissen anwi iyi gan lɣṛuṛ
Di ttelt elxali ɣerqeɣ
Di elxali ɣerqeɣ
D ṭlam ur d yuli wass
Mi ṛuḥeɣ ad rewleɣ zedreɣ
Allah yak zedreɣ
Yeṭṭef-iyi zman ger tuɣmas
Ur ddireɣ ur mmuteɣ
Ur ddireɣ ur mmuteɣ
Xas ur mmuteɣ
Tudert-iw d elweswas
Ay a sadatt
Ay a sadatt
Ay a sadatt
Kul elmeḥna nesɛdda-tt
Postato da moonymoony 2015-06-30
Commenti dell’autore:

* nissan: période de pluies dites "fécondes" sur la première quinzaine du moi de mai en kabylie
*anebdu : saison d’été en kabyle ( calendrier berbère)

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Allinea i paragrafi

The boat

On fecund rains of summertime
When days lengthen
My heart can find no rest
Exhausted by the same old stories
Which disturb my nights
Oh my heart, sing your sorrow
My heart, sing your sorrow
Happy he whose heart has found peace
Whose heart has found peace
That he quietly sleeps …
As for me, my heart makes me suffer
My heart makes me suffer
That it crawls up my throat
I have no one to take care of
No one to take care of
Our paths get lost and won’t cross anymore
Here I am, in a deep sea
In a deep sea
On a windless boat that stands still
I’ve been thrown up in a boat
O my god in a boat
And the sharks swim all around me
And the sea is raging
Wave after wave
Oh dear mother if only you could see!
To those of the sea
To those of the sea
To those of the sea
God knows who misled me?
And within emptiness, I got drowned
Within emptiness, I got drowned
Into the darkness with no light to guide me
As I tried to escape, I sank
O god, I sank, didn’t I?
And times caught me back in one bite
I am neither alive, nor dead
I am neither alive, nor dead
Even though I was not dead
To be alive is my pain.
By all the saints
By all the saints
By all the saints
So many troubles we’ve been through
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Postato da moonymoony 2015-06-30
Ultima modifica moonymoony 2015-07-01
Commenti dell’autore:

anebdu= summertime (in the berberian calendar)
nissan: it's a period of 10 days first part of may, supposed to bring fecund rains (berberian calendar)

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