Corina - A ta (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


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I was called, all called me,
I called for, many times I took the head,
The boy was telling me ceaselessly: "Let Corina, come on!
Let me show you my house in Hawaii. "
Then went on Facebook and like my picture,
He did'nt know i don't like talking on Skype,
He sent me the message that he has money and social position,
How the boy wrote, I think that he was not at school.
(Chorus : )
I do not know how to do it
Of all the guys, only you know what I like,
When you look in my eyes, heart beat,
You're all I want, that's why I'm yours.
A A A yours, yours
A A A yours, yours
A A A yours, yours
A A A yours, yours
Money, your money doesn't matter
Treat with respect
Learn it and you will understand, learn and then listen,
And give your best, boy, if you want...
To be happy,to feel loved,
Gotta have sharp mind,
To be happy,to feel loved,
To feel loved
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