Luz Casal - Te dejé marchar (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

I let you go away

I've dreamed about your hands..
Painting the sky in grey
Carefuly.. very slowly..
I was looking from here
In a garden full of tears.. tears because of you..
We have lived in an island
floating on the sea for a long time.
I have seen you.. playing with the waves
and caressing the sand...
I knew I loved you
And I let you go
I let you go
I let you go
After the last night,
I let you go.
I'm a man.. my heart is bleeding to death
because of the tenderness that went away, the one that killed it.
My hair is blowing to the wind
I sing loud and slow
I sing about your nights.. I sing about the flavour
of the salt on your skin
But I let you go
And the waves won't bring you back here
But I will wait for you.. in the seashore
Although you won't ever come back
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Te dejé marchar

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