Tiny Toon Abenteuer (Opening) [German] (traduzione in Inglese)


Tiny Toon Abenteuer (Opening) [German]

Wir Tinies, wir Toonies,
sind schrille Spaß-Cartoonies,
zuhaus', ohne Pause,
scheinen wir euch jetzt auf's Dach!
Wir haben Sponsoren,
und hauen auf die Zensoren,
wir Tiny Toon Doktoren raten
euch zu Jokes und Krach!
Wir leben und wir lachen hier
so wie es uns gefällt!
Denn Spaß muss sein, Cartoon allein
ja, das ist unsere Welt!
Der Text wird gedichtet,
vernichtet, neu gedichtet,
die Tiny Toon Geschichten
schaffen - wie bestellt!
Können fies und gemein sein,
und komisch kann so'n Schwein sein,
und Monty ist ein Geldschwein,
Elmyra nervt uns sehr!
Hier ist Hampton, hier Plucky,
Dizzy teuflisch zackig
Furrball und Dackel
und Gogo spielt verquer!
Und auf der Looniversität
da lernen wir die Tricks.
Die Gags, die Jokes, den Schabernack
von nichts kommt nämlich nix!
Wir Tinies, wir Toonies,
sind schrille Spaß-Cartoonies,
die Tiny Toon Geschichten,
ja die sind echt groß!
Das war's und jetzt geht's los!
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Tiny Toon Adventure Intro

We Tinies, we Toonies,
are shrill, fun Cartoonies,
at home, without a break,
now appearing to you from up on the roof!
We have sponsors,
and hit the censors,
We Tiny Toon Doctors recommend
jokes and racket for you all!
We live and we laugh here,
however we like!
Because cartoons alone must be fun
Yes, this is our world!
The text is written,
destroyed, rewritten,
the Tiny Toon stories
created - as ordered!
We can be mean and nasty,
and weird as a pig,
and Monty is a money hog,
Elmyra really gets on our nerves!
This is Hampton, here's Plucky,
Dizzy devilishly snappy
Furrball and Dackel1
and Gogo plays so weirdly!
And at the Looniversity,
there we learn the tricks.
The gags, the jokes, the pranks
nothing comes from nothing!
We Tinies, we Toonies,
are shrill, fun Cartoonies,
the Tiny Toon stories,
yes, they're really big!
That's all, now let's go!
  • 1. "Dackel" means dachshund
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Sailor PokeMoon2Sailor PokeMoon2    Mar, 12/03/2019 - 05:01

I don't quite agree with your English translation. For the line "Wir Tinies, Wir Toonies" in this case the word "wir" means "We're" so the line would say "We're Tinies, We're Toonies"

And "wierdly" is actually spelled "weirdly"

The line "We Tiny Toon Doctors recommend should probably say " We're Tiny Toon doctors recommended"

"Schrill" in English is spelled "shrill"

Um... otherwise my German to English skills are not very good.

Sarah RoseSarah Rose    Mar, 12/03/2019 - 20:14

Thanks for pointing out the two spelling errors, I have fixed them.

Regarding your statement that “wir” means “we’re,” that is incorrect.

Wir = we (pronoun)
Wir sind = we are / we're (contraction of pronoun "we" + verb “are”)

Changing “We Tinies, We Toonies are..." to "We're Tinies, we're Toonies are..." would mean "We are Tinies are.." Not only does that not make sense in English, it’s not what is being said in German. “We Tinies, we Toonies, are shrill, fun Cartoonies” is a literal, word-for-word translation.

“We're Tiny Toon doctors recommended" also does not work because this would mean "we are recommend," which doesn't make sense in English and would be an incorrect translation.

In both instances, some additional information about the subject has been added before the verb comes along, which is perfectly acceptable in both languages. In fact, the first line of our US Constitution does this same thing: "We the people of the United States...."