Pupo - Tornerò (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

I will return

I still see the train moving away
And you
WHo dry that tear - I'll be back
How can I last a year without you.
Now write me, wait for me, time will pass
One year is not a century - I'll be back
How difficult it is to stay without you.
You are
You are my life, how many memories
Without you
I'll be back
I'll come back.
Since you started, loneliness started for me
Around me the memory, of the beautiful days of our love
The rose you left me, is now dead
And I keep it in a book, I never stop reading.
Let's start again together, I love you so much
Time flies, wait for me, I'll be back
THink of me always, and the time will pass.
You are my life
My love
all these memories
One year is not a century
Without you
I'll be back
I'll be back
I always think you know
I'll be back
I'll be back
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Valentin70    Dom, 04/02/2018 - 16:01

Hello Mark. Thank you for the great job you did having translated the lyrics of this beautiful song.
And I think the lines with "Pensami sempre" could be translated a little differently. "Pensa" is the second person singular imperative of the verb "pensare". So, my idea "Pensami sempre" is rather equivalent to "Always think of me".
Cosa ne pensi? ))

SaintMark    Dom, 04/02/2018 - 23:24

thanks. of course that makes much more sense. I'm still a baby when it comes to italian.