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SiaAliveInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
Judas PriestBetween The Hammer & The AnvilInglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 1 volta
Gabbie HannaHonestlyInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
ringraziato 1 volta
JinjerPiscesInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
Cartoon SongsTotally Spies Opening (Here We Go)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon SongsGrimm's Fairy Tale ClassicsInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
JuniusForgive The Cleansing MeteorInglese → GrecoGeorge K.
Cartoon SongsAladdin (Intro)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
JinjerCloud FactoryInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
Chris BrownDon't Judge meInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Big Time RushWe AreInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Whitney AvalonThat Would Not Be Me (Princess Anna Song) | After FrozenInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Whitney AvalonLook What You Made Me Do (Tangled Style)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Whitney AvalonI’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Beauty and the Beast style)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Asking AlexandriaMoving onInglese → GrecoI'mMarios Ormeni
RussGoodbyeInglese → GrecoNomiki
The 1975Love It If We Made ItInglese → GrecoNomiki
ABBAFernando Inglese → GrecoValiaSp
Repo! The Genetic OperaAt The Opera TonightInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
JourneyGirl Can't Help ItInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
JourneyThe Eyes of a WomanInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
Iron MaidenFor the Greater Good of GodInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Amy LeeIf You're A StarInglese → Grecofunryta
Caroline WennergrenBlack SwanInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
ringraziato 3 volte
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (OST)Ladybug (Anime version)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon SongsWhats New Scooby Doo IntroInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon SongsTimon and PumbaaInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon SongsLittle Lulu Opening ThemeInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon Songs6TeenInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Sound the BugleInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Get Off My BackInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
SMTOWNDream In A Dream (몽중몽)Inglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 1 volta
MadonnaCrazy for YouInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Katy PerryE.T. RemixInglese → GrecoLucky Penny
Dinah WashingtonThis Bitter EarthInglese → Grecodreamcatcher
ringraziato 1 volta
XXXTENTACIONAngelInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Brett YoungMercyInglese → Grecofunryta
Bart BakerI Knew You Were Trouble ParodyInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Kendrick LamarAll The StarsInglese → GrecoDeeply Deep
Kylie AuldistNo UseInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Abney ParkI've Been Wrong BeforeInglese → Grecomarw_35
AchampnatorBloody MaryInglese → Grecomarw_35
Judas PriestNo SurrenderInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
EminemFramedInglese → GrecoXristos.ns
We Came As RomansGlad you cameInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Florence + The MachineQueen of PeaceInglese → GrecoAAA.
Gerry RaffertyRight Down the LineInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
SkyeI BelieveInglese → Grecomarw_35
Judas PriestNight Comes DownInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
Noora NoorDedicationInglese → Grecomarw_35
Iron MaidenThe Thin Line Between Love And HateInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
HalestormKilling ourselves to liveInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
HalestormSkullsInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Billie EilishBoredInglese → GrecoAnastasia Dinaki
ringraziato 1 volta
KarlieneLet It EndInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
ringraziato 2 volte
Marilia AdamakiObligedInglese → Grecoioli4
ringraziato 1 volta
DrakeNice for WhatInglese → GrecoJessica D.
ManowarBattle HymnInglese → Grecomakis17
ringraziato 2 volte
Cash CashTake Me HomeInglese → GrecoMiley_Lovato
ringraziato 2 volte
Lily AllenSomewhere Only We KnowInglese → Grecodreamcatcher
ringraziato 1 volta
lil happy lil sadCuttin On MeInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
HalseyEastsideInglese → Grecofunryta
Spiritual PlagueAliveInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Sigalasweet lovin'Inglese → GrecoLucky Penny
Jason DeruloTip ToeInglese → GrecoLucky Penny
Colonel BagshotSix-Day WarInglese → GrecoLucky Penny
ringraziato 1 volta
VigilandBe Your FriendInglese → GrecoMiley_Lovato
ringraziato 4 volte
EminemDetroit Vs. EverybodyInglese → GrecoXristos.ns
ringraziato 1 volta
Iron MaidenThe Fallen AngelInglese → GrecoConstantinos
ringraziato 1 volta
Andrea BocelliVivo per lei (English)Inglese → GrecoMiley_Lovato
ringraziato 2 volte
Shawn MendesWhere Were You In The Morning?Inglese → Grecokathymendes
Shawn MendesWhyInglese → Grecokathymendes
Kinai'm in love with youInglese → GrecoMiley_Lovato
ringraziato 2 volte
Demi LovatoDaddy IssuesInglese → GrecoHeyitsmarr
Gabbie HannaRoast Yourself HarderInglese → Grecokasavas
ZaynToo MuchInglese → GrecoMiley_Lovato
ringraziato 4 volte
James ArthurYou Deserve BetterInglese → GrecoMiley_Lovato
ringraziato 3 volte
TravisHit Me Baby One More TimeInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
ringraziato 1 volta
Billie EilishBitches Broken HeartsInglese → GrecoAfallenangel
Kings of ConvenienceI'd Rather Dance With YouInglese → Greconikapito
Kings of ConvenienceHomesickInglese → Greconikapito
ringraziato 1 volta
HRVYPersonalInglese → GrecoAfallenangel
ringraziato 1 volta
NirvanaDo you love me?Inglese → Grecomarw_35
Britney Spears3Inglese → Grecotoraseoloustousallousaresei
Zella DayEast Of EdenInglese → GrecoDIY kiki
Ed SheeranCold CoffeeInglese → Grecodorothie
DisciplesOn My MindInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Nicky JamLive It UpInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Are You Human Too? (OST)The Longing DanceInglese → Grecoinfiity13
ringraziato 1 volta
HalestormBuzzInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
EminemNo ApologiesInglese → GrecoXristos.ns
Jennifer LopezDineroInglese → Grecogreekgirl25
HalestormConflictedInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Ariana GrandeGod Is a WomanInglese → Grecodorothie
ringraziato 2 volte
World of Warcraft (OST)Daughter of the SeaInglese → Grecoinfiity13
ringraziato 1 volta
Iron Maiden2 A.M.Inglese → GrecoConstantinos
Marica NicolskaLike a heroInglese → Grecoevita prifti
ringraziato 1 volta
HalestormViciousInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
HalestormHeart of NovocaineInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
HalestormWhite dressInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
ringraziato 1 volta