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HalestormHeart of NovocaineInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
HalestormWhite dressInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
ringraziato 1 volta
DrakeIn My FeelingsInglese → Grecoiamboredaff
ringraziato 7 volte
Hayley KiyokoGirls Like GirlsInglese → GrecoHiggs Boson
ringraziato 1 volta
MNEKColourInglese → Grecofeminist_10
Ariana GrandeGod Is a WomanInglese → GrecoΜαρία-Άννα Τσάπαλη
ringraziato 2 volte
Hayley KiyokoCuriousInglese → GrecoHiggs Boson
Nothing But ThievesItchInglese → GrecoPoor_Grooms_Bride
Hayley KiyokoWhat I NeedInglese → GrecoHiggs Boson
Borat (OST)In my Country there is ProblemInglese → GrecoSaintMark
HalestormDo not disturbInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Set It OffKiller in the MirrorInglese → GrecoPoor_Grooms_Bride
Marilia AdamakiUpsetInglese → Grecoioli4
ringraziato 3 volte
A Perfect CircleMagdalenaInglese → Grecomarw_35
KovacsOblivionInglese → GrecoReligiously Unkind
NFOh LordInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Iron MaidenThe ClansmanInglese → GrecoΦλώρα Ασημακοπούλου
ringraziato 4 volte
StereophonicsGraffiti on the trainInglese → GrecoEleni Wri
ringraziato 1 volta
GrandaddyUnderneath The Weeping WillowInglese → GrecoEleni Wri
ringraziato 1 volta
Imagine DragonsNaturalInglese → GrecoDIY kiki
ringraziato 13 volte
She Wants RevengeLittle StarsInglese → GrecoReligiously Unkind
ChromaticsBlack WallsInglese → GrecoReligiously Unkind
R3habWrong MoveInglese → Grecofunryta
Luke Sital-SinghKilling MeInglese → GrecoAlex C
Lauren AlainaThreeInglese → Grecofunryta
Lauren DaigleFirstInglese → Grecofunryta
Pussy RiotStraight Outta VaginaInglese → Greconotaprincess9
ringraziato 1 volta
Tegan and SaraBoyfriendInglese → Greconotaprincess9
John DenverAmazonInglese → Greconotaprincess9
Peter SchillingTerra Titanic (Lost to the Sea)Inglese → Greconotaprincess9
Palaye RoyaleYou'll Be FineInglese → GrecoPoor_Grooms_Bride
MadonnaDeeper And DeeperInglese → Grecomarw_35
Linkin ParkSystemInglese → Grecomarw_35
Pearl JamAnimalInglese → GrecoSapfw
Pearl JamMind Your MannersInglese → GrecoSapfw
SepticfleshThe First ImmortalInglese → Grecomarw_35
SepticfleshPale Beauty Of The PastInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
SepticfleshOceans Of GreyInglese → Grecomarw_35
SepticfleshMystic Places Of DawnInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
SepticfleshMisery's KingInglese → Grecomarw_35
Heathers (Musical)Meant To Be YoursInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsPush the sky awayInglese → GrecoSapfw
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsIt' s A Beautiful WorldInglese → GrecoSapfw
A Perfect CircleDiary of a madmanInglese → Grecomarw_35
A Perfect CircleCounting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War DrumsInglese → Grecomarw_35
3LAUOn My MindInglese → GrecoSapfw
HooverphonicAnger never diesInglese → GrecoSapfw
A Perfect CircleBrenaInglese → Grecomarw_35
ParmaleeAlready Callin' You MineInglese → GrecoOlgaki_Pav_000
ToolSwamp SongInglese → Grecomarw_35
ToolJerk-OffInglese → Grecomarw_35
Bebe RexhaShining StarInglese → Grecomarw_35
Arctic MonkeysStar TreatmentInglese → GrecoKaterina Loupi
ringraziato 2 volte
The KooksFractured and DazedInglese → GrecoΣταυρούλα
The KooksAll The TimeInglese → GrecoΣταυρούλα
Laid BackHappy DreamerInglese → GrecoMusique
PlaymenMillion To OneInglese → Greco_vasw__
The KooksNo pressureInglese → GrecoΣταυρούλα
James BluntWhen I Find Love AgainInglese → GrecoΣταυρούλα
Arctic MonkeysScience FictionInglese → Grecoχρυσαλλίδα
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MetallicaAll Nightmare LongInglese → Grecowesteros52
Ke$haLearn To Let GoInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Bebe RexhaFerrariInglese → Grecoχρυσαλλίδα
ringraziato 2 volte
Céline DionTo Love You MoreInglese → GrecoCam Chau Truong
Gerry RaffertyBaker StreetInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
MetallicaHalo On FireInglese → Grecowesteros52
Ariana GrandeGod Is a WomanInglese → Grecoariana.mix
ringraziato 19 volte
Billie EilishidontwannabeyouanymoreInglese → Greco_vasw__
ringraziato 1 volta
Billie EilishOcean EyesInglese → Greco_vasw__
MobyMere AnarchyInglese → Grecomarw_35
DrakeDon't Matter to MeInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
DrakeSummer GamesInglese → Grecomarw_35
Bebe RexhaKneesInglese → Grecomarw_35
DeleriumFallenInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
ThurisazScent of a dreamInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
EminemIn Your HeadInglese → Grecomarw_35
Kanye WestRebornInglese → GrecoSmokey Meydan
Dean LewisBe AlrightInglese → GrecoSmokey Meydan
DrakeFinesseInglese → GrecoSmokey Meydan
ringraziato 1 volta
Twenty One PilotsI Need SomethingInglese → Grecohatejo
Bring Me the HorizonAlligator BloodInglese → Grecohatejo
The PixiesI BleedInglese → GrecoSapfw
EminemTragic EndingsInglese → GrecoXristos.ns
Twenty One PilotsNico And The NinersInglese → GrecoDIY kiki
ringraziato 6 volte
Twenty One PilotsJumpsuitInglese → GrecoDIY kiki
ringraziato 4 volte
Asking AlexandriaA ProphecyInglese → Grecohatejo
LyvesNo LoveInglese → GrecoSapfw
11:11YouInglese → GrecoSapfw
Finding HopeWithout YouInglese → GrecoSapfw
Finding HopeLoveInglese → GrecoSapfw
KaleoHot BloodInglese → GrecoSapfw
Tame ImpalaMind MischiefInglese → GrecoSapfw
Raving GeorgeYou're MineInglese → GrecoSapfw
Nine Inch NailsOnlyInglese → GrecoSapfw
Bee GeesI've Gotta Get a Message to YouInglese → GrecoSapfw
RedGoneInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
EminemCriminalInglese → GrecoXristos.ns
ringraziato 1 volta
Bleach (OST)Tonight, Tonight, TonightInglese → GrecoCrazySelenator
Death Note (OST)Misa's SongInglese → GrecoCrazySelenator
ringraziato 1 volta
The RaconteursCarolina DramaInglese → GrecoSapfw