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Judas PriestMetal GodsInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Judas PriestNecromancerInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron MaidenShadows Of The ValleyInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron MaidenCharlotte the HarlotInglese → Grecopadim7gr
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Iron MaidenGates of TomorrowInglese → Grecopadim7gr
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Judas PriestRock Hard Ride FreeInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Judas PriestLiving After MidnightInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron MaidenNew FrontierInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron MaidenThe Rime of the Ancient MarinerInglese → Grecopadim7gr
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Eminem'97 Bonnie & ClydeInglese → GrecoPookie
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Fifth HarmonyI LiedInglese → Greconakamotowang
Fifth HarmonyBig Bad WolfInglese → Greconakamotowang
Iron MaidenThe LegacyInglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 1 volta
Sabina Ddumbasmall worldInglese → Grecofunryta
Iron MaidenThe AlchemistInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Bob DylanEverything Is BrokenInglese → GrecoGiorg
Rita OraRadioactiveInglese → GrecoGiorg
Iron MaidenTailgunnerInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron MaidenMan on the edgeInglese → Grecopadim7gr
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Iron MaidenLook for the truthInglese → Grecopadim7gr
The PoliceDe Do Do Do, De Da Da DaInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
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Iron MaidenDie With Your Boots OnInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Sean PaulShe Doesn't MindInglese → Grecoiris7
Iron MaidenComing HomeInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron MaidenMontségurInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Iron Maiden22 Acacia AvenueInglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 2 volte
Lonzo and OscarI'm my own grandpaInglese → Greconotaprincess9
TheOdd1sOutLife is FunInglese → GrecoCrazySelenator
Set It OffWhy WorryInglese → GrecoCrazySelenator
SZASupermodelInglese → GrecoΙουλία Κ.
The Spencer Lee BandThe WolfInglese → GrecoΣταυρούλα
Iron MaidenSatellite 15... The Final FrontierInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Aaliyah4 Page LetterInglese → GrecoΙουλία Κ.
lil happy lil sadMagicalInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
BlackbearDo re miInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
ringraziato 1 volta
Engelbert HumperdinckCan't Take My Eyes Off YouInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
The Jackson 5Who's Lovin' YouInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
The NeighbourhoodSadderdazeInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
Soft CellTainted LoveInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
Mac DemarcoChamber of ReflectionInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
VARSITYSo Sad, So SadInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
ringraziato 2 volte
Mac DemarcoWithout meInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
Mac DemarcoTreat her betterInglese → Grecomarinwra pk
Goblin (OST)And I’m HereInglese → Grecomarw_35
KarlieneElizabeth's LullabyInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 2 volte
Eleni FoureiraCaramela (English Version)Inglese → GrecoMarypop
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ManowarDefenderInglese → Grecomakis17
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Ariana GrandebreathinInglese → GrecoMarypop
ringraziato 16 volte
EpicaThe Essence of SilenceInglese → GrecoItsJames
ringraziato 1 volta
Mark WillsDon't laugh at meInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Judas PriestBurnin' upInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Judas PriestOut In The ColdInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Cardi BGet up 10Inglese → Grecoiris7
Arctic MonkeysThis House Is a CircusInglese → GrecoEleni Wri
Judas PriestPain and PleasureInglese → Grecoperi27
Ariana GrandesweetenerInglese → Grecokitty Kat Chan
ringraziato 3 volte
SiaAliveInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
Judas PriestBetween The Hammer & The AnvilInglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 1 volta
Gabbie HannaHonestlyInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
ringraziato 1 volta
JinjerPiscesInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
Cartoon SongsTotally Spies Opening (Here We Go)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
ringraziato 1 volta
Cartoon SongsGrimm's Fairy Tale ClassicsInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
JuniusForgive The Cleansing MeteorInglese → GrecoGeorge K.
Aladdin (OST) [TV series]Aladdin (Intro)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
JinjerCloud FactoryInglese → Grecothisonehasnothing2dwithertime
Chris BrownDon't Judge meInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Big Time RushWe AreInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
DJ KhaledNo BrainerInglese → Grecoiris7
ringraziato 6 volte
Whitney AvalonThat Would Not Be Me (Princess Anna Song) | After FrozenInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Whitney AvalonLook What You Made Me Do (Tangled Style)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Whitney AvalonI’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Beauty and the Beast style)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Asking AlexandriaMoving onInglese → GrecoI'mMarios Ormeni
RussGoodbyeInglese → GrecoNomiki
The 1975Love It If We Made ItInglese → GrecoNomiki
ABBAFernando Inglese → GrecoValiaSp
ringraziato 1 volta
Repo! The Genetic OperaAt The Opera TonightInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
JourneyGirl Can't Help ItInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
JourneyThe Eyes of a WomanInglese → GrecoGeorge R.
Iron MaidenFor the Greater Good of GodInglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 2 volte
Amy LeeIf You're A StarInglese → Grecofunryta
Caroline WennergrenBlack SwanInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
ringraziato 3 volte
Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (OST)Ladybug (Anime version)Inglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon SongsWhats New Scooby Doo IntroInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Cartoon SongsHakuna MatataInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
ringraziato 1 volta
Cartoon SongsLittle Lulu Opening ThemeInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
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Cartoon Songs6TeenInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Sound the BugleInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Get Off My BackInglese → GrecoSmile-Sunshine
SMTOWNDream In A Dream (몽중몽)Inglese → Grecopadim7gr
ringraziato 1 volta
MadonnaCrazy for YouInglese → Grecopadim7gr
Katy PerryE.T. RemixInglese → GrecoPanayiota Kyprianou
Dinah WashingtonThis Bitter EarthInglese → Grecodreamcatcher
ringraziato 3 volte
XXXTentacionAngelInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Brett YoungMercyInglese → Grecofunryta
Bart BakerI Knew You Were Trouble ParodyInglese → GrecoDionusia Ag
Kendrick LamarAll The StarsInglese → GrecoDeeply Deep
ringraziato 1 volta
Kylie AuldistNo UseInglese → GrecoLonely Angel
Abney ParkI've Been Wrong BeforeInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
AchampnatorBloody MaryInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta
Judas PriestNo SurrenderInglese → Grecomarw_35
ringraziato 1 volta