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Wrabel11 BlocksInglese → RussoFestry
WildlifeDead CenturyInglese → RussoFestry
LPDreamcatcherInglese → RussoNina Byashkabarashka
The Knife Pass This OnInglese → RussoFestry
LPShakenInglese → RussoNina Byashkabarashka
GossipPerfect WorldInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
LPOne Night in the SunInglese → RussoNina Byashkabarashka
Thom YorkeSuspiriumInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Beth DittoWe Could RunInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
SUe RaneyAsk Me No QuestionsInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
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Radu RobertThe tree of lifeInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
ringraziato 1 volta
XXXTentacionYuNg BrAtZInglese → Russoshchmatt
XXXTentacionFuck LoveInglese → Russoshchmatt
XXXTentacion I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fineInglese → Russoshchmatt
Elvis PresleyFame and FortuneInglese → RussoA.S.M
ringraziato 3 volte
XXXTentacionStaring At The SkyInglese → Russoshchmatt
Nicole DollangangerTrue Love CafeInglese → Russorottenporcelain
Nicole DollangangerBall Jointed Doll (Harry)Inglese → Russorottenporcelain
Haley ReinhartDon't Know How To Love YouInglese → RussoYoussef2
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The Dandy WarholsGodlessInglese → RussoSt. Sol
XXXTentaciondifference (interlude)Inglese → Russoshchmatt
BUNIMYellow cat.Inglese → RussoIgeethecat
ringraziato 1 volta
Chris ReaThere's only youInglese → Russodmytro.bryushkov
Lana Del ReyBack To The BasicsInglese → Russorakhilalala
Lana Del ReyLolitaInglese → Russorakhilalala
Taminow.o.t.hInglese → RussoCall me K
Lara FabianMademoiselle HydeInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
TaminoPersephoneInglese → RussoCall me K
Radu RobertReligion VisionInglese → RussoBlackSea4ever
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TaminoCigarInglese → RussoCall me K
White LiesFinish LineInglese → RussoPROPS
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Paul McCartneyI Don't KnowInglese → RussoDarkestPart
XXXTentaciondifference (interlude)Inglese → Russoshchmatt
Carly SimonYou're So VainInglese → RussoIgeethecat
Radu RobertThe tree of lifeInglese → RussoAleksdaskal
MVTTXW$who after me?Inglese → Russoshchmatt
MVTTXW$mattews on the 360°Inglese → Russoshchmatt
MVTTXW$who?Inglese → Russoshchmatt
MVTTXW$who?Inglese → Russoshchmatt
MigosSpray The ChampagneInglese → Russoshchmatt
XXXTentacionIntroductionInglese → Russoshchmatt
Chris ReaHamburg- St. PetersburgInglese → Russodmytro.bryushkov
XXXTentacionIntroductionInglese → Russoshchmatt
RoadtripI Wasn't WorriedInglese → RussoBlackSea4ever
ringraziato 1 volta
Lana Del ReyGroupie LoveInglese → RussoFestry
Worship Songs - Various ReligionsBecause of who You areInglese → RussoВиктория Литвинова
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The DoorsHello, I Love YouInglese → RussoEkatherine Red
Avril LavigneGive You What You LikeInglese → RussoFestry
Flying DecibelsThe RoadInglese → RussoDovace1001
mxmtoonfeelings are fatalInglese → RussoIgeethecat
mxmtoonfeelings are fatalInglese → Russorakhilalala
GossipHeavy CrossInglese → RussoEliza Sol
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Chris CornellFell On Black DaysInglese → RussoDovace1001
Lord of the LostSon Of The DawnInglese → RussoKRISTINA FRY
LPDreamerInglese → RussoNina Byashkabarashka
ringraziato 1 volta
Nicole DollangangerHave You Seen Me?Inglese → RussoKashtanka1965
Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of ShadowsLet me say it NowInglese → RussoKashtanka1965
ringraziato 1 volta
Phantasmagoria (United States)The Years Have PassedInglese → RussoBlackSea4ever
ringraziato 1 volta
AaradhnaBrown GirlInglese → RussoBukuroshja
Bonnie BiancoNo Tears AnymoreInglese → RussoВиктория Литвинова
Evelin SamuelLet me stayInglese → RussoTürkçe KZ
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Tom WaitsTelephone Call From IstanbulInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
GoldfrappAnnabelInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Dean MartinSwayInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
ZaynGood YearsInglese → RussoМаша Минаева
Stone SourTiredInglese → RussoWoland1
TaminoSun May ShineInglese → RussoCall me K
TaminoHabibiInglese → RussoCall me K
TaminoIndigo NightInglese → RussoCall me K
The OffspringHit thatInglese → RussoWoland1
Lord of the LostLast WordsInglese → RussoKRISTINA FRY
Lord of the LostLighthouseInglese → RussoKRISTINA FRY
NikoClimb The SkyInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Ingvar WixellAbsent FriendInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
ringraziato 1 volta
JojiR.I.P.Inglese → Russoio _
SrbukHalf a GoddessInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Nicole DollangangerBeautiful and BadInglese → Russorottenporcelain
ringraziato 2 volte
QueenBody LanguageInglese → RussoAlexander Frei
ABBAThe Day Before You CameInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
ringraziato 1 volta
Tom WaitsStarving in the Belly of a WhaleInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsLong way homeInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsI Hope I Don't Fall in LoveInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsAfter You DieInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsWalk AwayInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsInvitation to the bluesInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom Waitsno one knows I'm goneInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsThe Part You Throw AwayInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsYoung at HeartInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsChocolate JesusInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsMore Than RainInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsYesterday Is HereInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsJust the Right BulletsInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsNovemberInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsBroken BicyclesInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsDown There by the TrainInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsOn The Other Side Of the WorldInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
6LACKSorryInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
LiL PEEPRunawayInglese → RussoFestry
ringraziato 1 volta
Tom WaitsSea Of LoveInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger
Tom WaitsRain DogsInglese → RussoMichael Zeiger