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translator and skeleton lover


apart from what i like to Consume i like 2 draw and make animations!
i like lemon demon, siivagunner, nelward, black dresses/girls rituals/anything with devi mccallion in it basically, lonely god, 100 gecs and the rhythm heaven and katamari damacy osts! my non music related interests are homestar runner, bfdi, comics, and Girls,

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HI IM ELY! (15, she/her) im italian and i joined this website cuz translating is Kinda Awesome! i just like to do it a lot
most of my translations will be english > italian, dont think ill do much italian > english cuz i Despise the current state of italian music
i studied a Bit of french in school and The Tiniest Bit of japanese by my own

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Francese, Giapponese

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100 GecsxXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 Gecs800 db cloud Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 Gecsgec 2 Ü Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 Gecsgecgecgec Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonI've Got Some Falling to Do Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 Gecs745 sticky Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonBirthday (Alligators and Pretzel Makers) Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 Gecshand crushed by a mallet Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonA Mask of my Own Face Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 Gecsstupid horse Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonSweet Bod Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonThe Ultimate Showndown of Ultimate Destiny Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
nelwardNever Wanna Fall In Love With U Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
nelwardgetting better Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
nelwardGHOST Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonOne Weird Tip Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonTouch-Tone Telephone Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
Lemon DemonMy Trains Inglese → ItalianoInglese → Italiano
100 GecsMoney Machine Inglese → Italiano
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Inglese → Italiano
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