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Julliard & Garcia Associés - Services Linguistiques


Translator, Conference interpreter, Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader

Artistic texts/literary translations, Technical texts translations, Translations of contracts and documents, Real-time translator/Interpreter, Simultaneous translation

Since the age of 15 when I spent one year in Chile, I never stopped loving Latin America, where I spent a third of my adult life.
Back in Europe, I studied translation and interpretation (both into French and Spanish, from English and Italian) at the ETI in Geneva. I worked many years as a freelance translator and interpreter, until 4 years ago, when I created with my associate our small firm of Language Services and developped new skills (see above or visit our website). The fact is, I love languages.

Su di me

I write short stories... and I danse cabaret!
I also enjoy freetime and holidays, with lots of reading, music, mountain walking, swimming (better in lakes and rivers than in a pool), all sorts of games with son and friends, good food and good wine...

Lingua materna
Spagnolo, Francese
Inglese, Spagnolo, Francese, Italiano

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KarlieneLa tempestad de los lobos Inglese → Spagnolo
ringraziato 1 volta
Inglese → Spagnolo
ringraziato 1 volta
KarlieneLa tempête aux loups Inglese → Francese1
ringraziato 1 volta
Inglese → Francese
ringraziato 1 volta
Tears for FearsMundo loco Inglese → SpagnoloInglese → Spagnolo
Gente del PuebloBitter Path Spagnolo → Inglese1Spagnolo → Inglese
Gipsy KingsTriste douleur Spagnolo → Francese
ringraziato 142 volte
Spagnolo → Francese
ringraziato 142 volte
Raffaella CarràMeilleurs voeux Italiano → Francese
ringraziato 8 volte
Italiano → Francese
ringraziato 8 volte
DiscobitchQué linda es la burguesía Francese → Spagnolo
ringraziato 5 volte
Francese → Spagnolo
ringraziato 5 volte
LigabueMi recuerdo Italiano → Spagnolo
ringraziato 5 volte
Italiano → Spagnolo
ringraziato 5 volte