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Testo delle canzoni: Get a Kiss

  • Artista: Trio EVA

Get a Kiss

(Say it baby)
Yeah, pretty face and pretty smile
But can I get you take away?
You said that I’m too cold but, never mind
Oh darling welcome to the game
Yeaah trying to get back my attention
Acting bad around you’re boys (‘round you’re boys)
Taking back all your likes from insta posts
Liking again to do some noise (do some noise)
Waited for a sign from me so long
(I can do it on and on)
I love to watch you insist
My question for you is
Can I get a kiss?
Can I get a…
Hey Hey Hey
I get a kiss, babe can I get a kiss?
A baby simp can do anything
I like you but, hold on and I can sing for you
You’re playing now with gifts and I will shift
I ain’t got time for that, just look at this!
I got my whole time to shine in the flashlights
To the hate I’m blind
Let them criticize!
I got the money on my mind
Opinions behind
I gotta stay strong
I gotta stay high!
I shine bright like the stars for you
Just look at and enjoy,
You said you know me, It’s not right
What if I tell you, you don’t know me boy.
Can I get a…?
Hey Hey Hey
1,2 Wooh!
Baby can I get a kiss, baby can I get a kiss? (yeah)
Now my question for you is…
Can I get a kiss, baby can I get a kiss? (Yeah)
Can I get a kiss, can I get a kiss baby?
Postato da Iulia BacIulia Bac Mar, 28/06/2022 - 12:39


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