V zemlyanke (В землянке) (traduzione in Inglese)


V zemlyanke (В землянке)

Бьется в тесной печурке огонь,
На поленьях смола как слеза.
И поет мне в землянке гармонь
Про улыбку твою и глаза.
Про тебя мне шептали кусты
В белоснежных полях под Москвой.
Я хочу, чтобы слышала ты,
Как тоскует мой голос живой.
Ты сейчас далеко-далеко,
Между нами снега и снега.
До тебя мне дойти нелегко,
А до смерти - четыре шага.
Пой, гармоника, вьюге назло,
Заплутавшее счастье зови.
Мне в холодной землянке тепло
От моей негасимой любви.
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Lyrics - Алексей Сурков / Alexei Surkov
Music - Константин Листов / Konstantin Listov

The author, reporter of "The Red Army PRAVDA" newspaper, wrote this verses as a private letter to his wife only couple of hours after miraculously escaping the German troops. Red army regiment headquarters in a village were nearly blocked by invaded nazi tanks and with heavy fighting commanders with the stuff and reporters break through and under artillery fire crossed the mine field, crossed the river and joined the main forces of the defending Soviet regiment. It was on 27 November 1941 only 45 kilometres to the East from Moscow center - from the Kremlin.
Thanks to Andrei once more for the corrections and these extra information. Wink smile

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In the dugout

Logs burn bright in my cramped little stove
On the wood, flowing tar, like a tear
The accordion sings to me here,
In my dugout, of your eyes and smile
Beyond Moscow, in fields full of snow,
On each bush the leaves whispered of you,
And I want now for you to hear
All this longing in my living voice
You are now far away, far away,
And between us lies snow beyond snow
To reach you is not easy to do,
To reach death – only four little steps
Sing, accordion, to spite the wind
Call the happiness that’s lost its way
In my bitter cold dugout, I’m warm
From a love that will never burn low
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As always, I try to keep the original song's rhythm, so you can sing along to the melody.

I also noticed that this song appears at least three times on the website, with a different artist each time.

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