Ana Gabriel - Valentín de la sierra (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Valentín of the mountain

I'm going to sing a ballad
about a friend from my country
by the name of Valentín,
who was shot and hung in the mountain
I do not wish to remember,
it was a winter afternoon
when because of his bad luck
Valentín fell into the hands of the government
The captain told him,
Who are the people you command?
There are eight hundred soldiers
that have the Sierra de Holandas surrounded
The colonel asks him,
Who are the people you lead?
They are eight hundred soldiers
that I brought through the Mariano Mejia mountain
Valentín, as he was a man, gave them no details
I am one of the real men,
those who have invented the revolution
The captain told him,
I will grant you a pardon
but you will tell me who is the juror and the cause that I judge
Before arriving at the hill, Valentin wanted to cry
My Mother of Guadalupe,
for your religion they are going to kill me
Fly, fly little dove,
stop at that small fort
These are the mornings
of that gallant man who was Valentín
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Valentín de la sierra

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