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Let them love you tonight
You know they'll never get you
And your looks kill them with dark omens you won't reveal
But in these blind advances
You let attention get to you
And in this solitude, I'm waiting for your embraces
And if you knew, if you knew
I'm scared of losing you forever
And is you know, that even I would be waiting
Aquarius, Aquarius, you're breaking my heart
Aquarius, Aquarius, I know we're scared
We're not what we proclaimed to be when we were with the angels
And I no longer know if
Aquarius, Aquarius, I'm still singing
Aquarius, Aquarius, I know we're wrong
At least tell me if you're holding my hand
Or if that's the end
Just let it down tonight
This craving to go to the extremes
And you're just hurting us
When you go too far
I'm totally worn out
I live but for you gray eyes
And out of my pain, I had my tears and screams
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Stan Smith    Gio, 15/06/2017 - 00:17

Last line should be I swallow my tears and screams.