Madalina Manole - Vreau sa te uit (traduzione in Inglese)


Vreau sa te uit

Plec, te las cu bine
Nu-ti cer nimic, nu vreau nimic
Cat m-ai mintit, cat m-ai mintit
N-ai vrut sa-mi spui de dragul cui ne-am despartit
Si daca plec, stiu ca nu-ti pasa
Ai drumul tau, ai rostul tau
Cat te-am iubit, cat te-am iubit
Dar intr-o zi iubirea mea iti va lipsi
Vreau sa te uit ca sa pot ierta
Eu ma dezleg de iubirea ta
Vreau sa te uit fie orice-ar fi
Vreau sa te uit, ca sa pot trai
Plec, mi-e dor de soare
Cat te-am iubit, cat m-ai mintit
Nu ma opri, e prea tarziu
Cad triste ploi in urma ta, in urma mea...
Postato da AdamR Ven, 25/05/2012 - 18:58
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I want to forget you

I go, and leave you in goodness
I have no request from you, I don't want anything
How much you lied to me, how much you lied...
You didn't want to tell me for whose sake we are separated.
And if I go, I know that you don't care
You have your way, you have objectives
How much I loved you, how much I loved...
But someday you will miss my love.
I want to forget you so that I can forgive
I free myself from your love
I want to forget you at any cost
I want to forget you so that I can survive
I go, I miss the sunshine
How much I loved you, how much you lied ...
Don't stop me, it is too late,
Sad rains fall behind you, behind me..
Postato da AdamR Ven, 25/05/2012 - 23:07
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Katherine0825    Dom, 27/01/2013 - 01:44

N-ai vrut sa-mi spui de dragul cui ne-am despartit = You didn't want to tell me for whose sake (or for whom) we separated.

AdamR    Lun, 28/01/2013 - 13:30

Dear Katherine,
Although it is written in a quite simple way, it is such a beautiful song, isn't it ? Actually, I am somehow surprised why there is no other translation yet.

And, many thanks for yr contribution. The line you have indicated is almost the heart of this song,
because it was equally important to convey the feeling of the writer there besides the simple lyrics and rhyme.

But you tell me what you want me to correct exactly, and I'll do it. Yes, you have translated the line exactly, and when compared to mine, I see some difference such as Regular smile :
1) "You" didn't want.... : As "you" comes from the upper line, I didn't repeat... but I can add surely if you think it causes any sort of lacking in the understanding.
2) "not even wanted....." does not exist in the original lyrics as I wrote ... but it is another form to emphasize he "minted" her such that "nici n-ai vrut sa-mi spui..." as more commonly used.
3) "for whose sake or for whom" : you tell me which is more common in the US. I'll follow your suggestion. Maybe then I just wanted to shorten the line.
4) "we seperated" rathen than "we are separated" ... is Ok for me as well.. though I have seen both usage quite commonly everywhere.

Give me your comment one more time and I might turn to your exact translation anytime.
(eh... if you like sad songs, normally you'd have better power of imagination than happy songs, right ?) hehe Regular smile
Thanks in advance...