Wait up

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Meanings of "Wait up"


1. To delay an action, or to delay so that someone or something can catch up. A little sister may always shout "Wait up!'' because she is small.
2. Parents do this, and spouses, and so forth, when someone is expected home at a certain time (a curfew). Tardiness is very bad when someone 'waits up' for you. For good or bad reasons. slang

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“Wait up” nei testi

Dan Balan - Lendo Calendo

Homies, get your weight up
I got the baddest in my section, straight up
All different complexions but wait up
The one in that red dress got me so messed up

Dan Balan - Lendo Calendo

Homies, get your weight up
I got the baddest in my section, straight up
All different complexions but wait up
The one in that red dress got me so messed up

Reik - I Would Rather Be (all of it)

I would rather be the person you'll always be in love with

I would rather be the one you wait up for and don't sleep because of
I would rather be the one you cry for...the one that comes from the depth of you

In Vivo - Moje Leto

She sells sea shells by the sea shore,
my baby is a bomb, call her C4,
have we met before, wait up waiter,
we need more,

Camila Cabello - Havana

Get to eating' on me (on me)
She waited on me (then what?)
Shawty cakin' on me, got the bacon on me (wait up)
This is history in the makin' on me (on me)

In Vivo - My Summer

She sells sea shells by the sea shore,
my baby is a bomb, call her C4,
have we met before, wait up waiter,
we need more,

Umberto Tozzi - I'll walk

I'll walk, you'll follow me
There will be a sky, we are angels
I'll work, you'll wait up for me
And one evening I'll go crazy when you'll tell me

Pink Floyd - Mother

Mama's gonna check out all your girl friends for you
Mama won't let anyone dirty get through
Mama's gonna wait up till you get in
Mama will always find out where

Alessandra Amoroso - Strangers since yesterday

When you tell me:
"Tonight I'm busy
Don't wait for me!"
Strangers since yesterday

Ana Carolina - Go ahead

Wait up
Stop telling this
I don't wanna listen to
I can't forget you all at once now

Taylor Swift - Santa Baby

Santa baby, a '54 convertible, too, light blue
Well I'll wait up for you, dear, santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight, yeah

Foals - Lonely Hunter

Will I see you? I got lost in foreign lands
Tried to make it back, oh I hoped you'd understand
Wait forever, for love is the gun in your hand

Josh Record - Bones

And darling, when your feet are cold
Wait up, I'm coming home
And all of you, I will hold

Massari - Bad Girl

Ain't nobody gonna get in her way
Cause she's out there doing her thing I know
She needs to be all that, type of girl that 'll make you wait up to for her to call back
But as long as she's bad with me, I'm a keep chasing her

Michael Bublé - Santa Baby

Santa buddy, a 65 convertible too, steel blue.
I'll wait up for you dude,
Santa buddy, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

The Pussycat Dolls - Santa Baby

Santa baby, a 54 convertible too, light blue
I'll wait up for you dear
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Nicki Minaj - Can Anybody Hear Me

I push, p-p-push it, I p-p-push it like I'm in labor
And he'll t-t-teach me to, teach me love my neighbor
Just w-w-wait up, I'm processin' all the data
Processin' all the data, p-p-processin' all the haters

Seka Aleksić - Uproar

uproar, uproar, the cafe's will burn

Uproar, uproar, don't wait up for me, my dear
uproar, uproar, dawn won't break yet

Kelly Rowland - Lay It On Me

[Kelly Rowland]
I don't mind I can wait up,
Cause I'mma enjoy the ride

Mürfila - Hot

And to cover the corridor with flowers for you;
to wait up for you to cross my way.
To hear your courageous voice;

U2 - The Wanderer

I was sure I was the one.

Now Jesus, don't you wait up, Jesus I'll be home soon.
Yeah, I went out for the papers, told her I'd be back by noon.

Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby

Santa baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue;
I'll wait up for you, dear; Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Boys Like Girls - Go

"Are you sitting down? I need to tell you something"
Enough is enough, you can stop waiting to breathe
And don’t wait up for me

Ke$ha - Friday Night Bitch Fight

You better watch yourself [x2]

Wait up last Friday night
The party looked alright

R5 - One Last Dance

I just need one last dance

So wait up, wait up
Give me one more chance

Tyler Hilton - When It Comes

But don't stay up for me
Don't wait up for me
If I'm not home

Pearl Jam - Release

I am myself
Like you somehow
I'll wait up in the dark
For you to speak to me

The Black Eyed Peas - Light Up The Night

Wait a minute
(Hey ohhh)
Wait a minute

In-Grid - We tango alone

When you say tonight is special
I just hang up on your lips
And wait up on your kiss
A sign of your love

Eppu Normaali - Hello And Congratulations

To use their nuclear arsenal against bellicose Finland

"Wait up a bit boys, I'm just Mauno[fn]Mauno Koivisto was also a president.[/fn]
it's not nice to go to sauna in a bomb shelter"

Aqua - We Belong To The Sea

Let me dive right into
Anything I'll ever capture
You can wait up all night
Waiting for wrong or right

B. B. King - the come over me

The blues come up behind
The blues wait up ahead
The blues ask why you are born

Versaemerge - Lost tree

Thin and bare
Stuck in a stiff stare
I wait up in the air
That makes it all fair

Rascal Flatts - Tonight Tonight

Tonight's the night you've waited all week for
You're gonna take it till you just can't take no more
Better not wait up for me

We the Kings - Heaven Can Wait

Heaven can wait up high in the sky
It's you and I
Heaven can wait deep down in your eyes
I'm yours tonight

Cloves - Frail Love

Forgive me for my frail love
And I can't live it like I'm living
I can't wait up nights
So tell me once and it's enough

Delta Goodrem - Woman

I worked late but you didn't wait up
My bones ache and I'm clearing the place up
Sometimes I don't even know why I care
I sit down and take off my make up

SHINee - Married To The Music

Yeah Oh Wait up girl Hold on
So listen baby Your white high heels
Your slightly covering lace skirt
Beautiful lady, on your shoulders

Salt-N-Pepa - Shoop

Or a shotgun - bang! What's up with that thang?
I wanna know, How does it hang?
Straight up, wait up, hold up, Mr. Lover
Like Prince said you're a sexy motha-

Fernando Daniel - Wait Up

Where are you going
Wait up for me

Jesse McCartney - What's Your Name?

Oh oh, yeah, no no no, oh
Now wait up.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST) - That Time of Year

[Villager:] Buy each other presents and then hide them very nimbly

[Olaf:] Wait up for a chubby man to shimmy down your chimney
(Breaking and entering: ok on Christmas)

Crashdïet - Damaged Kid

She got no other choice

Don't wait up
She ain't coming home

Miguel - Sky Walker

Celebrate every day like a birthday
Good things come to those that wait up (splish)
But don't wait to jump in too long
Don't sleep, you gotta stay up (splish)

Röyksopp - The Girl and The Robot

God, I'm down at the bottom
No one's singing songs for me
I can't wait for tomorrow

Amatory - Fate Always Hides

This day is cursed, and I'm with it.

Wait up, don't rush, we have things to remember.
Know that we're all going to die.

D12 - Instigator

"i'm an instigator" - convince a tenth grader
To run up inside his classroom and leave the kids..
Bitch wait up, this is the season
For squeezin off triggers on niggaz for no reason

Keke Palmer - The One You Call

Now I know it's hard to get over a break up
But what gives you the right to think that I'm gonna wait up
Don't you see that you're playin yourself

Drake - 5AM in Toronto

Comin’ live from the screwface, livin’ out a suitcase
But I’m feelin’ good, Johnny got me pushin’ two plates
My weight up, I refuse to wait up, I started a new race
It’s funny when you think a nigga blew up after Lupe

A-ha - The Bandstand

down on us
Don’t wait up for us
Don’t wait up for us

Nine Days - A Girl In California

I am living everyday... all in

So long, don't you wait up for me I'll be long gone, you know,
And if I'm so wrong, you can say you know I would be,

Aobozu - ESTO

Impatience, confusion, instability, destruction, mindfulness, despair, loss
Repugnance, rebirth, stability, it continually keeps repeating.
Always, always, it’s searched for, come on, light, wait up for me.
So that, at some point, it will save you.

Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off

Just wanna da da dance you off
So don’t you da da dare wait up

'N Sync - Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix)

I bought the Bentely in pink cuz my dough in sync
So tell ya man bye bye and tell 'em you're long (gone)
Ain't no needin' wait up you done found you another (home) (woo).

Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs

You must have lost your marbles
You always were so forgetful
In a hurry, don't wait up
I was too late, I was too late

Nitty - Nasty Girl

We were puttin on a show
Free for all your spectators
Mommy threw it like a champ (Yo wait up)
Yo i didn't even know her name (What!?)

McFly - That Girl

And she blew my mind,
And I wished that she was mine,
And I said hey wait up 'cause I'm off to speak to her.

Melody Gardot - So Long

Don't wait up for me darling
I'm not coming home
Draw the blinds and set the alarm
'Cause I'm not coming home

SHINee - Married To The Music

Yeah Oh Wait up girl Hold on
So listen baby 하얀 하이힐
살짝 가린 레이스 스커트
Beautiful lady 네 어깨 위

Yellowcard - California

Tell me secrets, cause I know you're scared
And you dream of California, tonight
If you wait up, I could meet you there
And we could be in California tonight

B.A.P (South Korea) - Honeymoon

Little by little, slowly, the moonlight gets wet
Chasing out the long darkness in the night
Wait up Wake up
Yeah We already feel the same

Robert DeLong - Don't Wait Up

Don’t wait up for me, I've got a restless mind
Trying to pull ahead, I'm always chasing time
Don’t wait up for me, I've got a restless mind
I've got a restless mind

Kristina Vukas - Santa Baby

Santa baby, a '54 convertible, too, light blue
Well I'll wait up for you, dear, santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight, yeah

City and Colour - Boiled Frogs

Won't you wait up for me?
Won't you wait up for me?
Oh, wait up for me

NOFX - Love Story

Mother stares at a wall
Father says he's gonna be back late
So don't wait up
About a quarter to 3

Crucified Barbara - Danger Danger

'Cause I'm a responsable girl
I don't wait up 'til the night comes alive
I am a responsable girl

Frances Ruffelle - We Will Be Free

Denounce the devil from within
No time for aggression
Don't wait up in vain
Love has lost its way

Gratitude - If ever

Cos this time it's too late
I won't wait up
I won't wonder

B.A.P (South Korea) - Honeymoon

조금씩 천천히 젖어 드는 Moonlight
이 밤 긴 어둠 몰아내고
Wait up Wake up
Yeah We already feel the same

Florrie - What You Doing This For?

Baby it's getting late
Lying here in bed
Maybe I oughta wait up
But I fall asleeep instead

Hollywood Undead - Dead In Ditches

We leave you dead in ditches!

Wait up, hold on, oh no,
Got you faggots in a choke-hold.

SHINee - Married To The Music

Yeah Oh Wait up girl Hold on
So listen baby hayan haihil
saljjak garin reiseu seukeoteu
beautiful lady ne eokkae wi

Will Cookson - Alone in the Dark

Can't carry on
Without you anymore
I'll wait up until you're home dear
I'll shine a light in the dark

G-Eazy - These Thing Happen

Goin' after Marilyn's instead of Sue's
Tryna bring her backstage then see what she let me do
Till security was like, "wait up, who the fuck are you?"
Set backs of being almost on

Sing It Loud - Come Around


I'll wait up all night just to see you move

JLS - Everybody In Love

Long as I'm where you're going to
I'd wait forever and a day for you
I'd wait up, wait up for you

Mary Poppins (OST) - The cathedral [Sfama gli uccellini]

Who could not love these creatures?
Fretting they wait up there
They will be able to feed their hatchlings back to the nest

The Smashing Pumpkins - Soma

Close your eyes and sleep
Don't wait up for me
Hush now don't you speak

Laura Branigan - Solitaire

Solitaire, it gets so lonely
Solitaire, you wanna hold me
Don't wait up, 'cos babe, I won't be there
Solitaire, solitaire, solitaire

VAV - Flower (You)

다 내가 잘못했어
꽃잎을 다셀 때까지만 내 말을 들어줘
너무 늦었지 wait up
Ooh ooh 난 너만

Demi Lovato - Only Forever

Yeah, I can tell that you're terrified to take a shot this strong
Should I wait up for you day and night
Just let me know how long

Atmosphere - Yesterday

Give me your opinions, I do miss the criticisms
I didn't mean to be distant, make a visit
I'll wait up and keep the coffee brewin' in the kitchen
But who am I jokin' with?

Donots - Parade Of One

She's so bitter, so sweet
I'll never be going to sleep
You don't need to wait up for me
Cause I drag my shadow around

Nik & Jay - Save Me

One day remains
Wait up, wait up, where does it come from?
Wait up, wait up, it comes from me

Shoko Nakagawa - Catch You Catch Me

Look Catch You Catch You
Catch Me Catch Me wait up
Look this way and say you love me

Kylie Minogue - Santa Baby

A 54 convertible too
Light blue
I'll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby,

The Academic - Different

I wait up, to see your face
I've had enough
And now I'm out of the race

Vald - Megadose

Who manages the coefficients?
Who's planning yesterday's attacks?
Don't wait up for me, thanks, I already have a prominent
Hate to accompany me

The Swan Princess (OST) - This Is My Idea

We've tried all summer but we just can't lose her
Hey fellas, wait up!

Sisu & Puya - The Ugly Truth

Chorus (x2):
Wait up, this here is my hustle
I never wanna see a cell again – not even as a visitor

THCF - A Fool

When she doesn´t want to not want you
I have money, I don´t have luck
Wait up, where are you going, hey, babe
She doesn´t want to be with me, ´cuz I´m a fool

Sunny Hill - Big Girls Don't Cry

With tears comes catharsis

Wait up girl oh wait up girl
Jagged scars, can't look at your face

Mozhdah Jamalzadah - Runaway

And when the day is done
We'll wait up for the sun
Never be in a hurry

Nicki Minaj - Chun Swae

[Intro: Swae Lee, Young Thug & Future]
Fall off in the spot
Wait up, they gon' do it while you drop

Macaco - I Went Away to Be Happy

I went away to be happy
Don't wait up for me
I don't believe I'll ever be the same again

Childish Gambino - Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer)

Wrote a note on the glass:
"You see what these labels do to me?"
Texts said, "I'm wet"; I said, "Hold up, wait up a minute"
H2O plus my D, that's my hood, I'm living in it

Tove Styrke - On The Low

I don't wanna hold up, I don't wanna slow down
And try to like you less, it don't make sense to me
I don't wanna wait up, I don't wanna waste time
Just want you and I, with no space in between

Maroon 5 - Coming Back For You

Don't you worry girl
I'll be back for you
So you better wait up
Keeping the bed warm for me

Eagles - Busy Being Fabulous

I came home to an empty house
And I found your little note
"Don't wait up for me tonight"
And that was all she wrote

Trisha Paytas - Santa Baby

A '54 convertible too
Light blue
I'll wait up for you dear
Santa baby

Tocotronic - Up There On The Hill

In the wet grass in our allotment

I wait for you there 'cause I like you
On our last summer holiday

NIIA - Nobody

You don’t even ask me what’s my name
We just fit together like wet on rain
Hey, leather jacket wait up
Hold the elevator

The Game - Or Nah

I be on one, two C's for the city
I'm on, I got Crip and Blood niggas with me
Wait up, just tell me you with it and let me get it
Baby, you can skip the bullshit and let me hit it

Sunny Hill - Big girls don't cry

눈물 뒤에 오는 카타르시스

wait up girl oh wait up girl
흉터 난 얼굴 보기 싫어 삐죽삐죽

Jackson Browne - Farther On

And the angels are older
They know not to wait up for the sun
They look over my shoulder

Julian Casablancas - Left & Right In The Dark

And you're watching the time run away.

Wait up
Wake up

Lykke Li - Deep End

Wait up, don't wanna wait up for you baby
Still I wait up, lonely in the canyon
No love, there's no love reflecting in the glow of

Mark Knopfler - Hill Farmer's Blues

You made a fool of me,
Don't do jack
And don't wait up for me.

Manuş Baba - Whistle if you come back.


Don’t wait up.
I won’t come back.

Hurts - Wait Up

Wait up for me

(wait, wait, wait...)

Jay Park - Get It All

Look at them
Think they know
But wait up they don’t pay no attention to the haters
I’m poppin’ off, honest to god

Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off (Extended Version)

(Just wanna da-da-dance you off) You
(So don't you da-da-dare wait up) Don't you dare wait up for me now
('Cause I just wanna feel the mood)

Indira Levak - 2 Lunatics

I can make it without you
lie to me, you'll pass better
wait up, everything is possible

Joe Diffie - Third rock from the sun

Like a broken field runner slippin' through the lines
He likes the way she looks so he calls a little wife
says don't wait up for me, I'll be workin late tonight.
Wife hangs up the phone bursts into tears

Viktor Tsoi - Right in our eyes

Wait up! Don't leave me now!
Longing for summer, got winter's cold.
When we were looking for shelter,
It snowed indoors.

Winger - Headed for heartbreak

Headed for a heartbreak

Darling, don't wait up for me
Tonight I won't be home

Shake It Up! (OST) - Not Too Young

Hey, what, why you walk away
Baby wait up, try another way 'till you stay stuck
Just forget the age and engage trust

Z A K U Z I - Squall

Life goes on & on and never stop so sing it
Woo woo woo woo
It goes straight up, I won’t wait up

Gwen Stefani - Santa Baby

[Verse 2]
Santa baby, a 54 convertible too, light blue
I'll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Karliene - Santa Baby

Santa baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue;
I'll wait up for you, dear; Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Hazel English - Never Going Home

Turn the lights out when you’re leaving
Never going home again
Don’t wait up for me I'm not leaving

Rob Thomas - I Think We'd Feel Good Together

I think we'd feel good together

Wait up baby
Because I only want to know you better

Cimorelli - Galaxy

So don't wait up for me baby
You don't have to wait forever
I'm yours, I know that I'm crazy

The Strokes - Chances

I take my chances alone
Get on your horse and be gone
I will not wait up for you anymore
So you can ask me if something is wrong

Prinze George - Wait Up

Wait up, I'm coming to you
I know it's been a while, but
I thought I might follow through
You knew me as a child, love

KING Z3US - Skies

Yu know i know better/
Pull up in that all white/ goddess im bringin them out/
We gon do this all night/ wait up just check his account/
Ballin on u suckas like im mj/

Disney Fandubs - Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 1)

Oh how I'd love to build a snowman

Wait up Anna!
Okay bye.

The Barberettes - Santa Baby

a ’54 convertible too,
light blue (Light blue)
I’ll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby,

Kim Petras - Feel It

I can feel it, feel the rush
Feel the touch
Wait up 'til dawn and see those thoughts
I'm asking you

The Real Group - Pass Me the Jazz

Count me in guys, I really gotta get a bite right away
Wait up, I'll join you I can feel, everyone's ready for the real meal
I think I wanna have a introduction for a starter

Keaton Henson - Comfortable love

Letting you leave
Imma save u
But I'll wait to
Tell you anything

In Vivo - Моје Лето

She sells sea shells by the sea shore,
my baby is a bomb, call her C4,
have we met before, wait up waiter,
we need more,

Cosmic Girls - Love O’Clock (호두까기 인형)

어떻게 널 놓칠 수 있어 내 손 꼭 잡아
좀더 Wait up Wait up
오늘밤이야 (기다려 온)

The Fooo Conspiracy - Mmm

That's right, hands up, where you go now?
Lean back into it, here we go now
Wait up, wait up, wait up

Mikhail Boyarsky - The Trainer

I removed from my fears step by step and in stages
I renounced all things that were minor in life.
So now when you're at the circus performance
You can see in the show my team of my tigers.

Everything But The Girl - Temperamental

You pour your heart on mine
You say it screws you up
Forgive me if I don't wait up
I don't get what you're trying to say -

Billy Talent - Leave Them All Behind

We're always searching for the reason why
And the longest road to find it will take many years to climb
Don't wait up for that moment to arrive
Leave them all behind