Yeni ve yeni kalanlar (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in IngleseInglese

People Who are New and Who Stay New

To the comings and goings
To the ones who love by heart
To the ones who foster hopes
To the ones who glorify the life
By sharing bread
The fight, the peace
Competing with time
The ones who value
The nature, the thought
The life, the truth
To the ones who kneel
Saluting with every goblet
Long live, long live
The ones ho stay new
Of course beachfront
Our heart is pure, in short
One sip of chat
One sip of people of the pleasure
With love
Neccessarily with dovey
While the stars black out one by one
Let the new day come
To Ali in the street
To Dali in the picture
To the crazy, to Veli
And to the harbour here
To Kınalı
To Heybeli
And to the new lover
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Yeni ve yeni kalanlar

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