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traduzione in Inglese

A Snake Bit My Heart

You've stolen my soul
took it with you to the top of the world
with your hot body
with those wandering eyes
blurred my reasoning like smoke
Where did my love disappear
she set her long black hair free
To whom are those beautiful nails
pouring happiness in vodka now
And her lips whisper I love you
A snake bit my heart
Moonlight was on guard all night
I've been hiding from life
Alone in dreams drank poison
My brunette, my infidelity
Women are passing through my life
they bring empty stories along
they all take a glass from me
and life was wasted with her
It hurts like hell, eyes got closed
Postato da Spring Mar, 23/12/2008 - 15:11

Zmija me za srce ugrizla

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