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Домбайский вальс (Dombajskij val's) (英語 の翻訳)

Домбайский вальс

Лыжи у печки стоят,
Гаснет закат за горой,
Месяц кончается март,
Скоро нам ехать домой.
Здравствуйте, хмурые дни,
Горное солнце, прощай!
Мы навсегда сохраним
В сердце своём этот край.
Нас провожает с тобой
Гордый красавец Эрцог,
Нас ожидает с тобой
Марево дальних дорог.
Вот и окончился круг,
Помни, надейся, скучай!
Снежные флаги разлук
Вывесил старый Домбай.
Что ж ты стоишь на тропе,
Что ж ты не хочешь идти?
Нам надо песню запеть,
Нам нужно меньше грустить.
Снизу кричат поезда,
Правда, кончается март,
Ранняя всходит звезда,
Где-то лавины шумят.
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19 апреля 1961.

英語 の翻訳英語 (原曲と同じリズムな, 詩的な)

Dombai Waltz

バージョン: #1#2
Sunset is starting to fade.
We left our skis by the stove.
March days have come to an end,
Time to return to our home.
Greetings, my dull gloomy days!
Farewell, our bright alpine sun!
We will remember this land,
Carrying away in our hearts.
You and I starting our trip.
See you, our handsome Hertzóg!1
You and I ready to meet
Far-away highways and smog.
So, that’s the end of this run.
Please do remember, don't cry.
Banners of parting are hung:
White are the walls of Dombái.
Why do you stand on the path?
Why won’t you move further on?
We have to stop being sad,
We have to finish our song.
Trains are still screaming below,
March days have come to an end,
Stars are beginning to glow,
Somewhere an avalanche breaks.
  • 1. a peak in the Dombai area
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).

© Schnurrbrat

Critique is always welcomed, negative too.

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Many thanks to Dan for working with me on this translation.

==========UNDER CONSTRUCTION===========

Dombai (pronounced Dom-BUY) is a ski resort in Karachay–Cherkessia, an autonomous republic of Russia. The area located in the direct proximity to the subtropical coast of Black Sea and is famous for great scenery, wild nature and mild temperatures during winters. Dombai slopes could rival any place on the planet in snowpack levels. The name of the area originates from the stunning and technically difficult peak of Dombai-Ulgen, (4046 m). In Karachay-Balkar language Dombai-Ulgen means "the place where a bison died" . There is a small population of the European Bison in nearby Teberda nature preserve.

The original meter is trochee-amphybrach-iamb (^==^==^), ABAB rhyming pattern with strong endings only.
A nightmare to translate into English while keeping the original meter.

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