• アーティスト: Aimer (エメ)


It’s just like
a burning torch in the storm
Like a little flower
blooming in the home
Strongly hoisting a certain will
But still be gentle, sometimes
A misty moon
I’m missing you
In front of a blurry scene,
I held my knees together,
letting my chest race fast
Listen to me
Cleave your way again
At the last, the promised days
will fire a future
The palms of the hand
that are painting
in the distorted sky
will wet the cheeks
You're not alone
Now hold the torches
Surpass that darkness
It’s just like a lighthouse
in your hands
Like a little flag
flapping in the sands
To be afraid of
the sudden lost answer
There's no mistake in this route
A floating moon
You still croon?
Looking closely
upon the swaying waves
when you stop the rudder
Listen to me
Sail away again
A hope will shine on the sailing route
in the midst of uncivilized sea
Our connected voice
will shake the sail
to the world without answer
You’re not alone
Just proceed the stormy seas
Surpass that darkness
The sparkles are getting brighter
The sound of rain
interweaved by strong winds
has become a melody of the earth
that looks so far away
For the sake of
the golden sparkling scene
before my eyelids
and the days of blessings
that finally came
There is no path
that can be passed without scar
No living thing is born
only to get hurt
Do good to be good…
You’re not alone
Just proceed the stormy seas
Surpass that darkness
Just go ahead
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Aimer: トップ3
Aquae GrimmAquae Grimm    月, 02/09/2019 - 16:53

Oh my god, thank you so much for the translation, you made my day!

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