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بالبنط العريض (Bel Bont El3areedh) (英語 の翻訳)

英語 の翻訳英語

Focus on this

バージョン: #1#2
You are my love, Focus on this
You are precious and so close to me
I'm just crazy with you
They say that I'm obsessed with you
It seems that the more I love you
The more I get addicted to you
To survive, it's up to you
Because meeting you is the cure
Yeah, I found the kindness
I'm stronger if you aren't far away
There is some kind of energy in your smile
I feel like a different person
Take it from me, my love
I want you, yeah I want you
Even more than you think
You're the only one for me
If I want to describe you, what should I say?
A necklace of white flowers and there is
A heart full of kindness
You are mine, I know you more than anyone else
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