Mekanın Sahibi (英語 訳)

  • アーティスト: Norm Ender (Ender Eroğlu)
  • 曲名: Mekanın Sahibi 3 回翻訳しました
  • 翻訳: 英語 #1, #2, #3
  • リクエスト: セルビア語
英語 訳英語

"Owner of the Place" w/ Explanation

バージョン: #1#2#3
***Translator's Note1
In the morning, I made crepe, crepe
It was so good, brah, brah
Rolled it, ate it, wrap, wrap
Came down in a snap, snap
Though everywhere is full of chavs and dags
Can't lie down at home in my bed
Went out and put on the trap
Now my head is blazed, blazed2
Oh yeah "The Nights"3
Mumbles from Cihangir4
Elite, fascist5 tourists6
The streets and the policemen7
Let's pour some whiskey and have sex8
Natalie says: "I'll take cash"9
I said: " Okay, c'mon babe."
We don't do "bathtubs", we do shower cabins10
Oh, yeah, crazy lad
That's how it is: Rolex, Range11
Your crew is a bitch, bitch
Our crew is rich, rich12
Slaphead, run to your dad13
Trap's phat if you do it like that
Baby boy run, baby boy hype14
You're Windows, I'm Macintosh
Mandingo, Norm Ender
My junk is Dolce
The ones who sit on it says: "Mor Minder"15
My haters are S.O.A.B.
Yeah, Tonight Tonight16
We're high like this
We're high all the time
We're roaming like this
The police are after us all the time17
Why are the police after us?18
Baby boys, baby boys19
*Can't resist*20
Cling on popular culture like a slave but talk about Marley, Tupac
Sure, a tattoo to your face, autotune to a fusty Raggaeton and become Lil Pump21
But Elif Cemal from Pozitif threatens me with my career like Hitler22
I don't bend the knee, I'll diss your entire ancestry, I drive the ethnical fascists crazy23
I don't care about the wastrels who smokes weed and snorts in the backstage24
And while my listeners are the revolutionist youth, yours are slimy, lumpen Migos'es25
If those circus monkeys with heads like testicles want the Laws of the Jungle26
Then the strong will crush the weak
You don't get any sausages, salamis; all you can get is Shirdan, Shirdan!27
Hey, hey, here we go!
Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, how should we do?28
The owner of the place just came back,
Let's take the baby boys from the stage, stage!
Hey, hey, here we go!
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, how should we do?29
The owner of the place just came back,
Let's take the baby boys from the stage, stage!
Don't get numb on drugs and say it's freedom30
Turn up the bass, the treble, the volume31
If you're gonna bitch up Hip-Hop
Don't run from the police32
Run from me!
Run from the king!
For all of your lineage,33
Hıdıdı hıdıdı take it bitch!34
  • 1. This is an ironic diss track. In the first verse, Ender acts as a mirror to today's mumble rappers who writes meaningless, pretentious lyrics that are mostly encouraging drug use and call it rap. In the second verse, the real Norm Ender "can't resist" his true self and steps in.
  • 2. Obviously, dissing rappers who writes nonsense as lyrics just because they ryhme.
  • 3. Eng. for "Geceler": famous Ezhel song encouraging drug use.
  • 4. Cihangir is an elite district in Istanbul; he's dissing mumble rap by saying it's not addressing real life problems like social injustice.
  • 5. "Fascist": There was a big group of people who thought Ezhel was a PKK (Kurdish terrorist organization) sympathizer back in February this year because of an Instagram story he posted.
  • 6. "Tourists" of Turkish Rap: Ender is saying they're not permanent in Turkish Rap because the music they make is consumption oriented and not "real Turkish Rap".
  • 7. A diss to wannabe gangster rappers who actually has no rightful fight with the authorities like racism, the only problem they have with the policemen is drug use which is illegal.
  • 8. Objectified hip-hop culture.
  • 9. Objectifying women.
  • 10. "Bathtub (Küvet)" is an Ezhel song that is full of far-fetched sexual content and highly disliked by Turkish Rap audience. Also there is a cross reference to an idiom in Turkish that its literal translation is "fucking someone on foot" and meaning "playing someone for a sucker".
  • 11. Pretentiousness.
  • 12. The meaningless rat race on being rich among rappers. He thinks it's hypocrisy 'cause Turkish Rap is originally about talking social and economical injustice.
  • 13. A diss to Ben Fero who is bald and exaggerates Turkish mumble rap and is disliked by many old-school Turkish rap listeners.
  • 14. While there's no correct translation to this part, "La bebe" is an address form for young men in the local dialect of Ankara where is Ezhel's hometown so of course Ezhel uses this term a lot in his songs.
  • 15. Eng: Purple Cushion; A nickname given to him by his haters because of the ryhming.
  • 16. "Tonight": Another song that encourages drug use and full of autotune by Ceg; an ex old-school Turkish rapper who turned into a mumble rapper.
  • 17. Again, he's dissing wannabe gangster rappers who actually has no crimes but smoking and/or selling weed.
  • 18. He leaves this hard-hitting question unanswered.
  • 19. Sung like "Geceler geceler"; referred to the chorus of the Ezhel song.
  • 20. He can keep mocking mumble rappers but can't resist his true self.
  • 21. These two lines are dissing Ben Fero and Ezhel for using autotune too much, even at their concerts, making poppish music and then saying Marley and Tupac are their idols.These lines are also dissing Ben Fero for he made Demet Akalın (a famous Turkish pop singer who is not very likeable for many people) take part in his music video for his song titled "Demet Akalın". Norm Ender thinks that Ben Fero is helping Demet Akalın taking advantage of Turkish Rap now that it's popular and pop music is on the skids.
  • 22. "Pozitif Live" is a huge production and organization company in Turkey and Elif Cemal is its owner. She actually threatened to end his career by saying "This is Istanbul and you just moved here. We run this place." 'cause they had a disagreement about his work.
  • 23. He's known for being a Kemalist and antiterrorist so I guess he's dissing PKK and its sympathizers. Again, he could be referring to Ezhel's Instagram incident happened in February.
  • 24. Again a diss to the new generation rappers who degrade hip-hop culture and rap to drug usage.
  • 25. Ender is known for being a republican revolutionist who follows Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's principles and being politically satirical to the current conservative government. On the other hand the popular mumble rappers like Ben Fero are being listened mostly by the ruling elite and he says they're wannabe Americans by comparing them to Migos fans.
  • 26. Laws of the Jungle is the title of Ben Fero's debut album. Also there's an equivocality with the saying "heads like testicles". First of them is directly "dickhead". Second of them is a stoner slang in Turkish that's being used for being wrecked. Once again, Norm Ender the DEA Agent is on the job. And the third of them is making fun of Ben Fero for being bald and saying his head looks like a testicle like that.
  • 27. "Sausage and salami" is an actual lyric of the song Şehrimin Tadı by Ezhel. The line was jeered a lot when the song first came out in 2017 and obviously Ender didn't forget that. Shirdan is a native Turkish food from the Adana city and it literally looks like a penis. So he's basically saying all they can gain by mumble rapping is his dick; no sausage, no salami while pointing out cultural globalization.
  • 28. Diss to wannabe Lil Pumps of Turkish Rap.
  • 29. Diss to Khontkar and Burry Soprano who have a song titled "Mary Jane" and is basically a love letter to marijuana.
  • 30. Clear, isn't it?
  • 31. A diss to Ben Fero who says "I don't care about the bass, the treble, the mid." about music in his song "Biladerim İçin (For My Brother)"
  • 32. A diss to Ezhel who yells "Run from the police!" in his song Şehrimin Tadı.
  • 33. A diss to Ben Fero who has a song titled "For My Brother"
  • 34. Referring to Snoop Dogg's amazing impersonation of mumble rap flows.
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ParapheraParaphera    日, 18/08/2019 - 01:48

It's a nice translation and thanks for your efforts but I think it would have been much easier on the eye if you had used [.fn] and [./fn] (without the dots) commands before and after the explanations. It would apper like this: Yeah, Tonight Tonight 1

  • 1. (Tonight: Another song that encourages drug use and full of autotune by Ceg; an ex old-school Turkish rapper who turns into a mumble rapper.)
gizyildgizyild    日, 25/08/2019 - 21:27

Thank you and you're absolutely right about [.fn] usage, I just couldn't think of it because I was more focused on the translation, I'll edit it as soon as possible. Thanks for the feedback!