Futter für die Schweine (英語 訳)

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  • 曲名: Futter für die Schweine 2 回翻訳しました
  • 翻訳: 英語 #1, #2
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Fodder for the Porks

バージョン: #1#2
The piercing Stench of Ammoniac hangs in the air
Mixed with the Porks evaporations
Their hungry Cries cut through the Silence
Tonight we will make new Fodder
The mighty Steelfunnel of the Feedingmill
Silvery Moonlight reflects in bright Chrome
And everything inside is chopped to small Pieces
to Fodder for the Porks
This Night we will try a new Receipe
Ive got the Ingredients at the Trainstation
Two Hookers are easy to convince
They didnt know what Destiny ive planned for them
But Chlorophorm works fast and easy
I push the Button and the Grinder starts to run
The cold metallic noise of two Steelarmatures
In a Bag besides me is one of the Hookers
Disposed of Clothes, ready to be butchered
With her on my Shoulder i climb the Ladder
Looking into the Funnel, Pure Anticipation
She slips forward Feets first
And her last Dance begins
The Armatures begin to separate her Body
The Mad Pain brings back her Consciousness
Cold Chrome brings her Cries to a Cacophony
Then the Meat is quite
Only the Funnel still does its duty
Foaming Blood squirts into my Face as a fine spray
Already the armature reached the Torso
In Meat and Bonepulp the naked Body twitches
Until only nutritous Fodder remains
And so their Live serves a good Purpose
As Fodder for the Porks
At least their dead Body has a some worth
As Fodder for the Porks
One Hooker still left in this Night
As Fodder for the Porks
The smacks of the Animals on the next morning
Sounds so satisfied because of this new Recipe
Fodder for the Porks
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Futter für die Schweine

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英語 Varus78 .
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annabellannaannabellanna    金, 28/06/2019 - 08:48

You say you are not perfect in English, but instead it seems you manage it well. It's quite strange that you don't know that nouns in English must be written with lowercase letters. This custom (to use capital letters in too much words) it's a bad habit but seems it's spreading throughout the word, and I don't know the why. In Italy, when I was joung, only some semi-illiterated old man wrote this way.

FloppylouFloppylou    金, 28/06/2019 - 09:03

In his defense, capitalize some words (all nouns and substantives) in German (which seems to be his native language) is normal and not doing it is considered an orthographic mistake Wink smile By the way, you can see that the words capitalized in German are the same one the user capitalized in his translation too (Night, cacophony, cries, silence, etc).

Maybe this will help you understand how German works with capital letters : https://www.thoughtco.com/capitalization-in-german-4069437 // https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/capital-letters-in-german.1051973/ Wink smile

This is something even German speakers have problem to manage, which has been the subject of countless orthographic reform, the last one from 2005 actually talks about that : http://www.teachsam.de/deutsch/d_rechtschreibung/orthogr_neu1.htm

Varus78 .Varus78 .    金, 12/07/2019 - 17:15

Yes my native language is german and i was never good in grammar. English is even worse there, you never know what has to be capitalized what not so i usually just write everything low but in this translation i wanted to do it perfect. lol
just correct it if it bothers you.

Vera JahnkeVera Jahnke    金, 12/07/2019 - 17:49

Dear Anna,

The capital letters in German is a very interesting point for me. As I have a basic knowledge of many languages, German is the only language I know which uses capital letters for all nouns. Even languages like Dutch do not use them. That's very strange, indeed. Is German a "master-and servant-language"? Another example: In English you say "I buy this book because I need it". In German you must say (word-by-word) "I buy this book because I it need". Here, the second sentence depends on the first and cannot stand alone. In English both parts of the sentence are equal. Funny enough, in today's German you can hear more and more the version "Ich kaufe das Buch, weil ich brauche es" (the exact English version). That is grammarly wrong, but sounds more empathic.

Natur ProvenceNatur Provence    金, 12/07/2019 - 18:21
Varus78 . ha scritto:

Im not perfect in English...

Dann solltest du dein Profil vielleicht mal umstellen, z.B. auf gelernt statt fließend oder die Fremdsprachen ganz weglassen. Wenn jemand eine Sprache "fließend" beherrscht, dann wird auch erwartet, dass er die Worte kennt und richtig schreibt.

annabellannaannabellanna    金, 28/06/2019 - 09:19

It's interesting. Sorry for not to speak German: it looks like an effort to simplify and homologate your language.
In Italy, as I wrote before, capitalize nouns was a sign of a socio-cultural low degree. And is difficult sometimes to understand for anglo-saxon translators that in Italian only the first word of the titles have capital letters (and proper nouns, obviously).
The same happens for Italians, that hardly remember they must capitalize all the words(less than articles, prepositions and alike)

sandringsandring    金, 28/06/2019 - 09:38

Varus, pork is Schweinefleisch and it has no plural. A pig is an animal - pigs. Only they can cry out. There's an interesting discussion on that in "Ivanhoe" by W.Scott, it opens up the novel. As for Schweinebraten - only German chefs can cook it to the ultimate taste! Yummm. Regular smile

Varus78 .Varus78 .    金, 12/07/2019 - 17:10

Pig, Pork - whats the difference?
Und ich hoffe mal nicht das du mit der Schweinezucht wie in dem Lied einverstanden bist. Wink smile

Natur ProvenceNatur Provence    金, 12/07/2019 - 18:15

sandring hat es doch geschrieben: pork (klein geschrieben) ist das Fleisch (großgeschrieben) (vom Schwein),
während pig ( auch wenn es ganz ausgewachsen und 200kg schwer ist, kleingeschrieben) das lebende Tier, also die Tierart Schwein ist. Oder anders ausgedrückt. Im deutschen heißt es Schweinefleisch, im englischen einfach pork.

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    金, 12/07/2019 - 19:45

Wie kann man so einen perversen Dreck auch noch übersetzen?
Die Aministratoren sollten es in Erwägung ziehen, dieses von der Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien indizierte Machwerk zu löschen, da es gegen unsere Website-Regeln verstoßen könnte:

>"Liedtexte, die ernstgemeinte Hassbotschaften, Gewaltpropaganda, Rassismus und aggressive Diskriminierung beinhalten, sind verboten."

Da der Inhalt des Liedes nirgendwo auch nur ansatzweise relativiert wird, könnte man ihn durchaus als "ernstgemeint" auffassen.

Ein besonders widerliches Beispiel der fortschreitenden Faschisierung des deutschen Kulturschaffens.

Sad smile
Thumbs down

77seestern7777seestern77    金, 12/07/2019 - 19:58

Ich muss gestehen, ich habe mir das Stück aufgrund des ätzenden Textes gar nicht angehört. Sollte nirgendwo eine Relativierung zu finden sein, wären 3 der genannten Punkt gegen die Regeln. Zumindest die aggresive Diskriminierung sehe ich deutlich gegebne.

Ob die Gruppe faschistische Tendenzen aufweist weiß ich nicht.

Natur ProvenceNatur Provence    土, 13/07/2019 - 20:41

Ich hatte diesen scheußlichen Text auch nicht gelesen, noch die Musik gehört, nur die Kommentare zur Übersetzung.
Ich stimme Hansi vollkommen zu, abartig! Please delete it !!