Ha lemegy a nap (英語 訳)

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When the sun goes down

1. A cloud came, which landed between us,
And we took the cloud easily.
The burning desire is dancing wild.
The party is starting, no way to exit.
Your wing burns, but no way to land.
The burning desire dancing wild.
2. When the sun goes down, you always come to me.
You say, we should go the night awaits us.
I have been waiting this whole week for you to find me,
Mmm... but no need to worry, because you finally came.
3. How sexy, when it starts, and I start to forget it.
The old disk starts again, I know it well, that it's right.
How exciting it is when it starts, and I start forgetting it.
Let's fly over again!
4. I don't believe that the night is over,
This dream is so good, and I waited for it so long.
Relax! Let go the bad feelings on ice!
Mmm... no need to worry, love me again!
5. When I see you I feel like my blood is burning,
The party stars, and I'm dying. On the soil, water and sky
I'm waiting for you, belive it, and chase my problems!1
I need a boy, who is little bit sexy, and if I say no, he will start over and over again.
6. Come on baby, relax, because the party is good now,
Migiri you can get my all, it's sure..
There isn't any fight here, you know, there isn't any violence,
What you hear is gangster's hip-hop.
Dont believe that i'm blind, I can see,
That your legs are shaking.
All I'm saying is: Live for today.
Today everybody won, nobody lost,
You are that woman who puts me on fire.
  • 1. as in the game that children play when they try to catch each other
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Ha lemegy a nap

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