İbrahim Tatlıses その他共演したもの翻訳
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İdo TatlısesアーティストSon
amktaamkta    土, 04/07/2015 - 02:30

The down (daybreak) ended but you are not here yet.
I weep and moan.
I have a cry to shout over these mountains,
over endless roads,

flying seagulls,
weeping mothers
those mountains and rocks

I can nit endure and believe,
that you are whom I loved her.
You stabbed my heart whit a dagger
(I can nit believe) that you did so

Com my life and sweetheart
with hennaed hands
with purled eyes
This body is for you. This heart is for you
May I ransomed for your black eyes

The wind blew and took the ember,
and brought it to my heart and it burnt and turned into ash.
Yearning is my lot again
What shall I do on the day without you (I don’t want that day).

I climbed over the mountains,
the rods that you have walked
the soil which you have walked
I can nit endure and believe