eat shit


Meanings of "eat shit"


An expression of discontent or aggravation to another party.

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歌詞中の "eat shit"

Hazbin Hotel (OST) - Loser, Baby

You're a loser, baby
A loser, but just maybe if we
Eat shit together, things will end up differently
It's time to lose your self-loathin'

Bad Bunny - Just from me

What I want is twerking
I don't eat shit and less to cheat
I don't see myself in short

Böhse Onkelz - To good friends

and I'm glad that it is so
or do you think it is nice
to eat shit?

Wheeler Walker Jr. - Fuck This Job

This nine to five can suck my cock
I’d rather eat shit than punch that clock
Monday through Friday is a hassle

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D - In My World

Destiny can eat shit and die.
If I can't achieve something, I will cry for pride.

Goran Bregović - Pit-bull Terrier

I bite, devour, regime, rip,
smell, wick, eat, shit
I bark, anneal, suck, fuck

Amazarashi - Disaster

Those nights when the sense of helplessness is too loud, I close off my ears with headphones.
The voice that curses me to eat shit is a thorn I can’t pull out of myself.
When I think I've had enough and sit down, my dreams laugh, saying "That's it, then?"

No Party for Cao Dong - B

Who's damned words are these

Earn money to spend, eat shit to shit
Leave the dreams in that internet cafe that closed down yesterday

Ñengo Flow - The Cold Nights

I 'm turning her on
I put it inside, I'm not playing
Don't cry, don't eat shit to make us shout

Fedez - Black swan

Your heart beats in time , new rhythm ever heard
And wat little that listening is already my favorite piece
I eat shit for twenty years but do not lose your appetite
Then I do also make the shoe with your finger

Řezník - That girl in my basement

Shut up, bitch,
lie down on the ground and eat shit
I'm Řezník1 in the night

  • 1. "a butcher" in Czech

Gocho - giving

And the cats toas% & # $ #
After that I criticize, get even with me ... I am the looser
Do not eat shit ma,
Listen to align putifina I perriarla

Shepherds Reign - It has spilt

Sadly your life is cursed by your evil ways.
Now come and sit down. Shut your mouth and listen here.
I'm coming to break you. So go eat shit!
The cup has spilt (x3)

Till Lindemann - Nele

So that you could have gold and silver.

My child, I would eat shit,
And drink pus

Harley Poe - Eat Shit and Die

Eat shit and die (Eat shit and die)
Eat shit and die (Eat shit and die)
Eat shit and die (Eat shit and die, eat shit and die, eat shit and die)(Eat shit and die, eat shit and die, eat shit and die)

Necro (United States) - Whos Ya Daddy?

You’re naked on the couch with me
Bitch, getting fucked in the ass through your fishnets
Cutting queefs, you’re bound to eat shit next
A tit fest, I’m fucking dumb blondes ‘til my dick is numb

Eminem - Cold Wind Blows

You hate the fame, love the game
Cold as ice you remain, fuck 'em all
Tell 'em all eat shit, here we go again
God damn! Is it that time again already? Haha, okay

Riblja Čorba - No milk today

'Cause, there's no milk today, there's no bread today
So eat shit instead, maybe that's the way it's supposed to be

P.O.S - Gravedigger

Welfare checks, buying food on link
Work 3 jobs 'cause I just can't breathe
and when I do chase bread it's 'cause I need to eat (shit)
Feet up high on the dash I'm chilling

Bushido - Cunts

It's about the money when I come by with my helicopter
Ersguterjunge1, I'm boss of the label, bitch
Come over here and eat shit
Yo' fat momma is eating Big Macs

  • 1. The name of Bushido's label, translates to "he's a good boy".