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get out of here

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Meanings of "get out of here"


Used as a figurative expression, "Ah, Get out o' here!", (with or without profanities). It can mean:
1. The person(s) you are talking to don't believe you (they may or may not mean for you to leave as well)
2. If you over exaggerate yourself or are too boastful (true or not)
3. Literally, go, leave from where you are. That is usually stated as "Get out of here!" (with or without profanities)

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An idiomatic phrase to express surprise, disbelief, or incredulity.

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Восклицание, выражающее удивление, сомнение, или недоверие (cf. Да ну!, Не может быть!)

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hadi canım sen de

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