Keep the fire alive

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"Keep the fire alive"の意訳

Mantener la llama viva
не угашая пыл

Meanings of "Keep the fire alive"


أن تستمر بفعل بما تفعله بنفس الحماس والرغبة.

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To stay excited about something. To keep doing what you are already doing with the same enthusiasm.

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Κρατάω τη φλόγα ζωντανή.
Διατηρώ άσβεστο το πάθος .

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Günlük rutinleri sürdürmek ve evin vs ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak.

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歌詞中の "Keep the fire alive"

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Permission To Dance

Well let me show ya
That we can keep the fire alive
'Cause it's not over

Einherjer - Of deeper roots

In the shade somewhere behind the memories
Lays the life that the years took
Keep the fire alive early and late
Never let the embers die

Alice Merton - PCH

I'm trying but there's always something killing the vibe
(Killing the vibe)
I can't keep the fire alive
I'm trying but there's always something killing the vibe

Savoy (USA) - Your Time

Can't keep a ten mile man in an eight mile town
Someday I will be back again
Keep the fire alive, 'cause you don't know when

Aviators - Monumental

Spirit, stay gentle
Next monumental
Will you keep the fire alive?

Marcie Free - Slow down the night

If I could turn back the tide
And keep the fire alive
Forget what used to be

The Wanted - Gold Forever

Promise me you`ll stay the way you are,
Keep the fire alive and stay young at heart,
When the storm feels like it could blow you out remember, you got me and I got you..cause we are, butterflies, butterflies..we were meant to fly,

Billy Ray Cyrus - Always Sixteen

He holds the door, she holds his hand, they kiss a little.
He helps her in the truck, she slides right to the middle.
And so one day I ask him how they keep the fire alive.
He said: "You see two old people, but somethin' down deep inside.

Ivo Linna - An Estonian I am and an Estonian I Shall Remain

To begin anew for the thousandth time again
a thousand years of rising, not a swan's flight1
To hide your nationality
is as bad as to let oneself fall into slavery.

  • 1. lit. not an easy task

CeCe Winans - I Promise

Through the desert winds that blow
I'll walk you through the winters cold
I'll be there to keep the fire alive
And when each passage we endure

Death Angel - The Dream Calls For Blood

How it shouldn't be done

I'll keep the fire alive and the hunger inside
'Till I shall pass