less of that

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"less of that"の意訳

dosyć tego

Meanings of "less of that"


used for telling someone to stop doing something

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歌詞中の "less of that"

Mariya Takeuchi - Single Again

The daily fear is already long past
If we're apart the memories fade away
Remembering less and less of that love

Joseph Brodsky - Belfast tune

Here's a girl from a dangerous town
She crops her dark hair short
so that less of her has to frown
when someone gets hurt.

Jean-Jacques Goldman - He changed life

He was a cobbler
Without particularities
In a small city which I had forgotten the name
He made shoes so beautiful, so light

AJR - Joe

I believed in God back in 8th grade
He could smoke an eighth on a school day
Remember when you laughed at my last name

Sérgio Sampaio - I want to display my carnival block in the streets

There are those who say that I slept with my bonnet
That I lost my mouth, that ran away from the fight
That I felt from the twig and that I saw no exit
That I was frightened when the quarrel started

Les Guignols de l'info - The Queen of ISIS - A World of Frost

I would like a snowman,
But...You're not Olaf the snowman?
Well no. I am Omar, the ISIS-man!
Come, we're gonna do some jihad with my friends.

Kerber - Dance Now

You're wandering around the town
Don't know which way to go
Think about it...
The stars are swarming,

Yonina - A Person of Dreams

All that you desire
already lives in you
all that you want
All of your dreams

J. Cole - Lion King On Ice

Your every kiss, your every touch

I got Blood on my hands I ain’t gon lie
I got mud on my shoes

Weird Al Yankovic - Foil

I never seem to finish all my food
I always get a doggie bag from the waiter
So I just keep what's still unchewed
And I take it home, save it for later

Kent - (The) Swimmer

Could be months passing by
Why does time increase in speed
The less of it that one has left

Anna Tatangelo - Unreachable

Maybe I have no more questions to ask
maybe sometimes I like to be wrong
maybe the sunlight kills me
maybe it's human to hate you

A.L. Lloyd - The Two Magicians

The lady stood at her own front door
As straight as a willow wand,
And along there come a husky smith
With a hammer in his hand.

Leon Bridges - Bad bad news

I'm tired being in the back (a'ight)
I'm just trynna move up front
A lil more of this, a lil less of that, yeah
They tell me I was born to lose

Einherjer - Heathen Resurrection

King, you can be that if you want
Please, get on your high horse
Here are blinders and here are mirrors
Who's blood do you want on your hands first?

Karl Gottlieb Lappe - By hook or by crook

North or South! If only in a warm bosom
flourishes a shrine for beauty and the muses
and a heaven abounding in gods!
Winter can at best kill poverty of mind:

Mery Spolsky - Buddy

Dear buddy...
Less of that!

Carla Bruni - Somebody Told Me

I was told that our lives aren't worth much so far
They pass away in an instant, like wilting's roses
I was told that the time which slips away is a bastard
As our sorrows, he is making a cloak

Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose

When the odds were stacked against me
I needed someone by my side
And when the world left no place for me
I needed someone by my side

Pain - Just Hate me

I gotta think of something to make you think less
Of me, that I am nothing
To hold on to 'cause we are through
I dislike you