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month of sundays


"month of sundays"の意訳

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Meanings of "month of sundays"


an (extremely) long time. This expression, which literally meant thirty weeks (210 days), has been used hyperbolically since 1832.

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"la semaine des quatres jeudis"
littéralement: le mois des dimanches

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большой промежуток времени; долгий срок; вечность.

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歌詞中の "month of sundays"

Georges Brassens - Beside my tree

one could hardly get
less joy than I do,
for it's been a month of Sundays
since I last saw a woman's butt!1

  • 1. the French goes "If anybody reaches the 7th heaven less often than I do, I'll give him whatever sum of money he wants, since it's been one hundred and seven years, that's hard to beat, since I last saw the moon" (explanation)

Michèle Arnaud - Don't believe

To play the unfathomable
The untouchable
From the start until never in a month of Sundays

Tiziano Ferro - Put a stop to ruining us (singable translation)

Ă prăyĕr mádĕ's ă prŏmĭsĕ képt, my Gód,
Sŏmethĭng ăbóut Ĭ'm nĕvĕr fŏrgétfúl
Stĭll nŏthĭng's háppĕnĭng, Ĭ múst bĕ fláwed
Thóse păst mémŏrĭes ŏf yóu măke mĕ féel sŏ rĕgrétfŭl

D.D. Sound - Café

It's the atmosphere of deep discussion
everybody there had so much to say
You can sit there for a month of Sundays
in our free and easy small town cafe

The Rolling Stones - Oh No, Not You Again

You're a beauty, such a cutie
How could I resist
It's been a month of Sundays
Since we last had spoke

Lighthouse Family - Once In A Blue Moon

Day will surely come

I ain't seen you, in a month of Sundays
I never knew exactly what it was I wanted

Passenger (UK) - Month of Sundays

oh oh oh oh,

so i’ve been living in this month of sundays,
and i don’t know when this month may be through,

Kilkenny Cats - A Month of Sundays

The grave was like a flower
And so we wait for one day
It's like a month of Sundays

Melanie C - Something for the fire

For the fire

In a month of Sundays
I could take you back

Foreigner - Unusual Heat

My body tells me, hold on, I gotta hold on
But I'm so cold and hungry
All stretched out like a month of Sundays

Miranda Lambert - Easy From Now On

Time for me to lay my heartaches down
Saturday night gonna make myself a name
Take a month of sundays to try and explain

Trilussa - The Fortune Teller

‟Your wife is cheating on you.” – ‟Fat chance!

I’ve been a widower for a month of Sundays.”1
‟You’re getting married again.” – ‟No way,

  • 1. Lit. "since the cuckoo’s times".

The Rutles - Piggy in the Middle

I know you know what you know
but you should know by now that you're not me
Talk about a month of Sundays
Toffee nosed wet weekend as far as I can see

Miranda Lambert - I’ve Got Wheels

I can’t count time
I can’t count money
But I’ve been counting every mile for a month of Sundays
Whatever road, however long

Threshold - Lost in Translation

He lost faith on a rainy Monday
When the storm gathered at the door
It would take him a month of Sundays
To get back what he had before

Scott Walker - Ride Me Down Easy

An' too far away from the trains

Been a good month's of Sundays in a guitar go
Had a tall drink o' yesterday's wine

Vince Gill - Bread and Water

He said, Ma'am, I sure am hungry
And I don't have a penny to my name
Lord knows I hadn't worked in a month of Sundays
I’m dirty, dead broke and so ashamed

Alexander Burstein - Heavy Water Doesn't Burn

Every day and weekends,
Every month of Sundays,
Every change of seasons,

Pierre Bachelet - Still, I kept quiet

Nothing has been the same around here
since this unfortunate event.
It will be a month of sundays
before a swallow makes a summer again.

KMFDM - Today

Every time you go it feels like
Seconds slowly turn to minutes
A month of Sundays coming up
Time again it pulls me under