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  • アーティスト: Kill Ebola
  • アルバム: Angry Ai


Lay with me and we'll escape baby
Lay with me and we'll escape baby
I know that your brains racing
Fast pace and i been adding to the hate lately
Aid pain and im so sorry that i ain't making
This shit easy for you difficulty game playing
Substance ain't been saving me but i still crave hate it
Makes me forget and numb myself but now i ain't facing
What i need to be with you and now you ain't patient
Just come here i like when you near
Why do i keep pushing far from me
Turning something into nothing ain't do shit for me
Now im aggressive cus im stressing and my fist forming
Forcing you to fill your bags now out the door storming
Even if we ain't good pretend
Cus our love will never if we end
Disappear here i feel better when you near
Dispose of your fear lost lane lemme steer
Top of your tier
See a wolf when you get sheered
Depart from peers who want you smeared ill wipe your tears when we escape im hard on you your heart can't take
I made your mind state solid hate
Turning home to vacant me to mental patient
Cus its safe to say my sane brain deflating
Sun rays erasing cus the raining staying
And you ain't aye wait bitch your my moon shine chase it face it
See you when i stalk your days and
We ain't back and now yours in braces
Kill us both i know that Satan waiting


Kill Ebola: トップ3
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