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The art of letting go

It's about the art of letting go
You learn from the mistakes, more than from the right choices
sermons give you a bad aftertaste
I learn to live as I live so my life will probably be the moral of the story
I sleep but feel so awake
think I see the sky but it's just the edge of the bed
my coat weights on me, time to put it up
I want to live, do something now, there will be time to wait in the grave
I don't talk about any new age bullshit
it's about changing tracks and not waste time
so while waiting for that you have to kill some time
and it's such a depressing thing for me to do so I waste time
sometimes so scared that I barely live
but the journey doesn't have a fixed rate, it's on the taximeter
travel through time that's the transportation vehicle of life
I can't see why I should slow it down
I will let go, but we'll have to see when that happens
should have done it just now, but then life started
I feel everything again
If I let it go maybe I'll recognize
One step forward, two steps back, nothing wrong with that
after all, I have taken three steps
Probably what I'd like the most is to be bohemian
no moss will grow on a rolling stone
if you let go, the world will open today
if you're looking for an answer or looking for an 'I'
you still have your destiny
but most of the time you're probably a fucking coward that retreats back
so attached to your foundation, make your corner-stones more stable
build your fort, adjust with your spirit-level
look at everything, it's not even beautiful at all
When you no longer have a chance to turn back
and (you've) lost your grip of your old, safe life
that's the point when things start happening
then you can start to perceive new perspectives
but I seem to be stuck at the same old stage
they tell me that change is constant
but it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere
letting go, it can be that difficult
I desperately try to let go
the years run away while I try to seize the day
yesterday I have thousands of plans
today I did everything the way I normally do
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Konsten att släppa taget

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