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Night will be out ally,
The last shelter for sin...
Together, we'll bring the city down
If I manage to find you before!
You've been walking by me for quite a long time,
But I think that as far as you're concerned, I don't even exist.
We could do some very important things,
But you still don't even know my name.
I've already dreamed about
How we'd be 'till closing time in all the night clubs,
No one could stop the party!
I know that it's too soon,
But if you want to, we will be immortal
And the right moment will finally arrive.
I cannot promise you special effects,
But I will always have your back.
Our adventure can be colossal
If you only come to dance with me, later on!
Everything depends on you:
Doing cartwheels down the roads 'till we reach the sea,
Challenging the light of dawn.
Nobody has seen us...
I know very well that from this bar,
We'll declare war on the world!
How can I know that this is true,
That I won't forget you?
If yesterday we were floating amidst the stars,
I have one chance
And I must succeed:
This cannot end, not at all!

La història comença aquí

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